Tuesday's rehearsal

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    Jan 17, 2005
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    Hey Manny!

    Not sure if you saw me in the back of Orchestra Hall yesterday but I was there with a group of people listening to your rehearsal. We had to watch and critique Oso for a conducting class. He is very fun to watch because of the his clear, intense expressions with his left hand while still conductor amazing with his right. It's cool to see the conductor when you are more in tune to it because of as class you are in.

    On the otherhand, listening to you was great as usual! I've never heard Petroushka except for the exceprts so now I have your sound with the orchestra stuck in my head for when I practice it. You make is sound so easy and flawless. I was pumped. After you played it, I put my arm in the air and was like, "YES!" Don't know if you saw that or not but I was excited. I get more pumped up or "krunk" (if you've ever heard that word before) hearing a piece like that than scoring a TD or a point in a big game. You have no idea how your playing and your love for music motivates me Manny. I appreciate everything you stand for very much. Take care and God bless you as you prepare for this concert. Later!

    Jeremy Tarter

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