Tuning note?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by cantplaytrumpet, Oct 12, 2012.

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    When tuning, I've been taught (by Jerry Nowak and others) to pitch the G in the stave but then immediately pitch the C above, and use the C as the tuning note - the point, I think, is to avoid lipping into tune.
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    Tune to the deepest sound in the band - eg Tuba etc.

    The tuning note for trumpets is usually Bb Concert or Opec C on trumpet, for Brass and Concert Bands, but can be varied, checking Sax, clarinets etc.

    Tune to the deepest sound, so it should start with the Bass instruments then move up. You can spend all the time tuning, but you need to train yourself to listen so that you play in-tune all the time. Some instruments will make this easier, and others have more difficulty, so you need to be familiar with the instrument, to lip it up or down etc as you play with a group.

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