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    +1 --so far I havent needed a mute -- that really screws up my "hearing" the horn. I suspect if I needed to, then I could use the mute in conjunction with the tuner --- and work on it from there.

    Yes -- so far I have had ample time to remember the songs, while usually getting several weeks advance notice of when I am going to play. Recently I was supposed to be in the worship service with all the instruments (guitars, keyboard, drums, ect, ??? harmonicas, banjos, harps and singers) -- but a touring musical group came by and filled that spot. So I suspect at some time in the future ---it will all come together with more than just a trumpet solo ---might need the dots then ---- time will tell, but it is all good:thumbsup::thumbsup:
    play and be happy -- what more can one ask???:thumbsup:
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    Relying on tuners is sort of like using a ouiji board: eventually you will coax the answer you want (right or wrong, sharp or flat) and trick yourself into thinking you achieved some sort of good result. My elementary band teacher, when tuning us up before a concert with his old Conn Strobotuner, would not let us look at it, so we couldn't "coax" it. After adjusting a tuning slide, he also made us play a few notes or a measure or two of something before repeating the tuning C so we wouldn't remember the previous C's pitch and "coax" again.

    The only time I use a tuner is when I can't bias the result, such as tuning an open guitar string. I cringe when I see people playing trumpet with a tuner on their stands because they are inevitably out of tune. Learn to tune without a tuner. Then, be aware of your tuning and make changes along the way if necessary. Recognize that some notes on the trumpet need to be bent into tune slightly. Recognize also that on some horns the tuning note may be the one that's out of whack.


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