Two events for buglers highlight the 150th anniversary of taps

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    Two significant events commemorating the 150th anniversary of Taps will take place in May and June 2012. All buglers are invited to participate in these historic and musical commemorations celebrating Taps.

    The 150th Anniversary Commemoration of Taps At Arlington National Cemetery
    May 19, 2012 10 AM-12 Noon
    Arlington National Cemetery
    Arlington, Virginia 22211
    ARLINGTON TAPS 150 EVENT MAY 19 « Taps150

    Taps 150 will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Taps, our National Song of Remembrance, in the Old Amphitheater (near the Lee Mansion) at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia on Saturday May 19, 2012. The event is sponsored by TAPS 150, Bugles Across America and Arlington National Cemetery. All buglers and trumpeters are welcome to attend the ceremony and perform Taps in Arlington, our nation’s most sacred ground.

    Following the ceremony and a massed sounding of Taps in Old Amphitheater, buglers will move to various locations in the cemetery and sound Taps following the chimes at noon. Buglers will be able to choose where they would like to sound Taps in the cemetery. Registration is free but mandatory for this event. You must be registered to perform.

    Register (opens Jan 1, 2012) at:
    ARLINGTON TAPS 150 EVENT MAY 19 « Taps150
    The Program Coordinator is Mr. Jari Villanueva, Bugle historian, military bugler.
    For further information visit the Taps150 website or email Jari at [email protected]

    The 150th Anniversary Commemoration of Taps
    June 22 - 24, 2012
    Berkeley Plantation
    12602 Harrison Landing Road,
    Charles City, VA 23030

    This three-day event will celebrate the birth of America’s National Song of Remembrance with Civil War re-enactors depicting the Union Army at rest at Harrison’s Landing (on the grounds of the plantation) following the Seven Days Battles in late June 1862. Living history programs will feature the music of fifes, drums, and bugles, including the commemorative sounding of Taps on Saturday night. Concerts by military bands on Friday night and the Federal City Brass Band on Saturday night will add to the musical flavor of the event. The focal point of the weekend will be the re-dedication of the Taps monument on Saturday, June 23, at 11 AM. Taps150 and Bugles Across America will have bugle exhibits set up. In addition Virginia’s Civil War HistoryMobile will be on the grounds for visitors over the three days.

    All buglers are invited to participate and perform in concerts during the weekend plus sound Taps on the spot where Taps was born. Ken Rose, LTC (ret), former commander of the Continental Army Band (TRADOC Band), will serve as the conductor of the bugle and trumpet ensembles.

    Registration is $20.00 which helps offset the costs of the event. You will also receive trumpet and bugle music that will be performed.

    Registration is at:
    The Program Coordinator is Mr. Jari Villanueva, Bugle historian, military bugler.
    For the weekend schedule and further information visit the Taps150 website or email Jari at [email protected]

    Contact Information
    TAPS 150
    124 Maiden Choice Lane
    Baltimore, MD 21228
    [email protected]
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    Not directly related to the OP but, as some here are members and have perhaps yet to perform, I'd like to give a quick summary of my first experience with B.A.A. (Buglers Across America). As had happened before, I received an e-mail with the event coordinates and this time I was in a position to reply right away, so I did. I was given the mission and a little later I received more information, including a contact person. It turned later that this person was an event organizer, not a family member.

    I don't how familiar they were with that particular kind of event, or the location, probably not much. As it happened, there is a capable bugler available pretty much all day for 2 days a week at the cemetary where the memorial was conducted, including the day it was held, so there ended up being 2 of us. I was dressed professional, but the regular guy was in uniform, which matched the circumstances better.

    Nonetheless, he was a very nice fellow and understood that I had devoted the morning to this, taking up a bit of a drive in the process. So he invited me to do an echo taps, each of us standing about 30 feet apart, near the guys doing the rifle volleys. It went really well, since we didn't have much of a chance to tune up or anything. Although that was my very first time doing anything like this and I was feeling nervous, the notes came out nice and full and we carried a excellent echo taps, not rushed but not dragging either. I am most thankful to Robert for inviting me to play it like that. All in all, quite a good experience.

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