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    Dec 5, 2004
    Hey Manny,
    I had my embouchure changed during this summer at band camp in about August. It used to be off to the side and my lips used to buzz outwards instead of inwards, but now it's straight and I buzz inwards (the proper way: pull in to go higher etc.). I have a g/a on the top of the staff currently (I've been practising [I'd like to say 2 hours a day but I can't... probably an hour and a half every other day]) in around three weeks which I see as more than acceptable, however I have my first Youth Orchestra practice on Saturday (4 days!!!) and my endurance and range I don't think are acceptable at the moment for that level of playing. I want to play without cheating back to my old embouchure, but at this moment depending on what parts I get, I may have to play fairly high which means I may have to cheat until I can build up the muscle sufficiently. I'm wondering if there are any exercises I can do to strengthen up the muscle by Saturday (not an easy way out, so much as a quick boot camp). I have the Caruso which could help, but at the same time I'm hesitant to use that because after playing a caruso for a while I'm pretty much done for a fair portion of time...
    My second question is that while my tone is better than it was before, I don't seem to have that edge that most principal players have on their sound any more (my impression was principals had a ring to their sound, seconds more or a softer and buttery sound etc...). I'm wondering how to get that back or if it's just something to do with time, because I love the sound of a principal trumpet, and somewhat unfortunately that seems to be the only part I ever get... (not so much sounding cocky, as the fact that playing other parts is just as fun and usually much more of a challenge when you have to get your head around where your note goes in the chord...)
    Thanks for any and all advice you can give me and all the best,

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