Type IV upstreamplayers.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by RobertSlotte, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Lads - never leave the kids out - they are our future - no matter where we gather them, no matter what conversation is interrupted in their care. Sometimes they are homegrown, but all are home nurtured. Bringing up kids well is very much the best thing we can do in this short life. Kids don't eat much Tim - but teenagers, now that is a different matter, watch them, most are just food vacuums. ;-)
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    Jul 7, 2008

    I´m no teenager but I still eat enormous amounts of food...yumm :D eh....It is good for the embouchure ;-)
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    Look at my picture... does it look like I'm worried about food? HAHA.
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    we are just building up our "breathsupport" right? ;-)
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    HA, Roger That! Actually, I've been able to lose a few pounds. Just can't seem to change the avatar picture. Hopeing to lose enough so I'll be able to pass military standards for auditions... Seems like the most "secure" way to get a job in our lovely economy these days.

    I would LOVE to try for sniper school, but even though a few of the WY SWAT/PD guys love my skills on teh range, I make too big of a target. Yes, I know some SWAT guys, no big deal, they are regular people. Biggest thing I get when I ask them about fluidity on CQC is they say "practice". Seems like a universal theme eh? HA. Trumpets my first love anyways (after GOD and my Wife!).
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    just to be clear: how wet is wet, and how dry is dry?
    I mean, I consider myself to be horrible with wet lips, but the same with dry lips. My mouthpiece slips away with wet lips, yet I get no decent tone or articulations with dry lips. So I always have a bottle of water with me and drink at least half a liter of water every hour, but Before I start playing I dry the moutpiece with my shirt and my lips with the back of my hand. So am I a wet or a dry player?

    EDIT: I have no idea how I ended up reading this 3 year old post...
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    Zombie thread ...... I don't know, is there a guage as to how wet or dry the lips are???

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    Zombies have dry lips but they treat them :

  9. Local 357

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    Jul 1, 2011

    I'm glad this post got resurrected because it perfectly (if unintentionally) explains why he so-called "masters" often can not help a learning student at all. Illustrates why the aspiring player's problems lay completely and permanently beyond the grasp of the phenomenal trumpet player's understanding.

    1. The average trumpet player can not play with dry lips.

    2. However that small minority who can blow dry will will receive a physical advantage so many times greater than the average player as to make them appear like Superman. To have been born on another planet and possessing skills far beyond mortals. At least as when compared to the great masses.

    Other than moral support the masters can give you almost nothing in the way of embouchure instruction. Usually anyway. Except and unless you happen to have chops similar to theirs. In which case you really don't need much help anyway.

    I can't speak for the big names the O/P mentioned but most of the so called "master teachers" will generally only accept cherry picked students. Those already naturally blessed with the same or near same advantages as the teacher himself.

    The results these "masters" get from the general public however will usually be failures. Thus they will AVOID them. Some "teachers"...

    Without the inherent physical gifts their more endowed exceptional peers have their chops will respond poorly and they will stumble along for decades to no positive results coming out the end of their horns. This is not speculation. This is the condition of the average dedicated trumpet player.

    He knows this!


    The trumpet playing students of the world should insist and DEMAND better results from their teachers. That the track record of of ALL students should show near 100% improvement stats in terms of those who study range and embouchure and achieve their goals. But this won't happen with standard teaching at present. You can forget about learning this from the great majority of teachers. Reason?

    Because those teachers of the trumpet do not have even a basic understanding of embouchure. Or those that claim to have this understanding have an unclear, limited grasp on the matter. They will never help you achieve a 90 to 100% success ratio in terms of range and endurance. If only because they do not even think those results are possible.

    And they will charge you plenty of your hard earned MONEY for blessing of receiving their limited understanding...
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    I knew I was a genius I play with dry lips and a silver horn Woo hooo (or not) I seriousnes I get the mouthpiece a bit moist and don't stress about the chops. I'm not really sure about up and down stream playing, my lips are about 33.33333. to 66.6666666. biasesd to the bottom lip if that makes sense but I don't pivot, actually I try not to think about systems and just play

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