UMass Band Day 2007

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    Now I know this isn't exactly "trumpet talk" but there were trumpets involved (including me) and I wanted to share it with everyone here.

    For those who don't know:

    Every year for a while now the University of Massachusetts (where ITG was held this year) holds a thing called Band Day where hundreds of school's bands from across New England come and play a halftime show with the UMass Minuteman band. This year there were about 4,000 kids at Band Day and it was total blast. We get to UMass at around 8am and practice until 11 then eat lunch and get ready for the game (put on uniforms etc.) where we play during halftime. The songs this year were America the Beautiful, Thundering Stars, A Whole New World, and Smooth (Santana + Rob Thomas). Now I did not take this video (obviously since I'm playing on the field) but I found it on youtube and wanted to share it.

    Here it is, 4,000 elementary and high school marching bands (probably 99% high school) playing a halftime show with the UMass marching band:

    YouTube - U-Mass Band Day 2007.


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