UMI Hate?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Stradbrother, Feb 12, 2016.

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    I own a UMI King Silver Flair 2055. It was my first step-up horn, a Christmas gift from my parents. It served me well throughout high school and college, and I still play it. In fact, I took it out on a gig last weekend. I have also had the good fortune to have a couple of vintage Silver Flairs come through my stable- one of them a KMI, and the other one an H.N. White. Both were outstanding horns. Both very different from their UMI cousin.

    As with any large-scale manufacturing process, quality can come into question at times. Bad quality, even if sporadic, brings bad reputation. Perhaps I was lucky to get my hands on a truly great 2055 Flair. I guess I wouldn't call it "hate" on UMI, but healthy skepticism of the quality of their products. As with anything, however, there are exceptions to the rule of public opinion.
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    As far as the 90/Leonore Benges, I think Chuck Ward was the main designer. According to UMI press release info from 2000 (in Music Trades), they stated Fred Powell had been working with UMI for 10 years on the Conn Vintage One. There still could be cross-influence (a 1920s Conn leadpipe design [2B? 22B?] was reused on the 28B, then when Doc Severinsen joined Conn in the 1980s, he had the 28B leadpipe reintroduced and it remained part of the 1000B and 100B until 1994...)

    I personally like the UMI Conn/Benge mouthpieces (mostly made by Lausmann in Germany)...of all the questionable things UMI did, they got the 3, 5B, 5.5SC, and 7BR right.

    As for Buescher, I think the 1530/TR300-esque Aristocrat was gone by the 1970s (it isn't in the 1971 Selmer catalog), but the brand name was re-introduced in the early 2000s on a line of student instruments made by Hoxon Gakki in Taiwan (BU-7 and BU-9 sound familiar?).
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    Interesting, I didn't know that about the Conn leadpipe.

    And if the BU-7 and 9 are as bad as the BU-3,4, and 5; they barely deserve to be called instruments, in my opinion.
    Anyone here have much experience with them?
    And since I've read some threads, they look to at least be decent student horns.

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