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    amen brother, very similar story here. i was actually talking to a buddy here a few months ago and i said "you remember that kid you were in highschool? the happy-go-lucky kid that had hopes, dreams, and a direction? what happened to that kid? its like he died, how do you get that back?" it took me a few days of pondering my own question and finally it hit me. music. through high-school, and the first few years afterwards playing with the army, my life was my music. when i quit playing to go active duty and do other things my life had made a steady downward spiral. that week i bought a guitar and started playing. within a few days i felt that old kid coming back to life. found my trombone and trumpet (which was a winston, ergo replaced) and havent' looked back. i havent felt this... human (lol) in years. i'll never let myself live without making music again.
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    glad that testimony of mine helps - cool
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    Ahh, thar blows the dark side .... ROFL
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    @ Ted...told ya!!
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    Feb 4, 2010
    This morning, I flew back from Indiana... Oh my goodness. What a trip.

    First thing that I saw when I got out of the gates was...

    Hmmm. A great start :-)

    First day consisted of just practicing and getting ready for chair placements. The honor band hadn't officially been "started" yet and we were just on our own. They provided a couple big ball rooms in the downtown Marriott for everybody to practice in. I was so humbled during that time, seeing what the other kids were capable of...

    This was the trumpet section (arrow is me):

    The girl on the far right was the principal. She was just amazing with the control of the register and pitch. Technically, we were all pretty similar (some were clearly better than others, however. I was on the short end)...

    And... VIZZUTTI!

    He hung out after the concert and talked to us and all the good stuff like that.

    The inspirational speakers at the opening of the festival as well as all the different people involved and all the kids, it was all a priceless experience.

    We performed:
    The Star Spangled Banner (arr. Jack Stamp)
    A Hymn to a Blue Hour
    De Profundis
    The Rising Sun

    Mr. Vizzutti soloed with his piece "The Rising Sun." It was our closing piece. (Youtube is not us)

    YouTube - Allen Vizzutti rising sun

    The audience were on their feet for minutes after Vizzutti's last note (which he shredded up to, I think either the high G or the double high C). He came back on stage 4 times... After the 4th time, he whipped out his Carnival of Venice (not Venus) as an encore. He just whipped through those crazy arpeggios like butter.

    YouTube - Allen Vizzutti - Carnival of Venice

    He did the whole turning the trumpet upside down deal. The crowd was on their feet for couple more minutes after the encore.

    More than technique and music, I was more inspired by his humbleness. It was quite great to see.

    I learned so much, musically, too. And had a pretty long chat with the director after rehearsal on the path to becoming a conductor. He had some good words for me.

    I am going to be an advocate for this program for the rest of my life. Priceless.
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    Glad you enjoyed yourself. And to meet Vizzutti, I feel very jealous of you. I think you'll go pretty far in music, and in life. While you're inspired by Vizzutti I'm actually inspired by you. The way you've been so humble and honored to be a part of this is fantastic and shows character. I'm glad I can call you a peer on this forum.
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    Feb 4, 2010
    Thank you sir! I am just... speechless after this whole experience. I don't know how I'm going to get through a normal day of school tomorrow!
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    That's the best part of these kinds of unbelievable experiences. They leave you in complete awe for days afterwards while you're still trying to comprehend what had happened. I'm sure you will remember this for the rest of your life and it will change the way you think every time you pick up a horn.
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    Something just popped into my head,
    an option that several TMers have taken was to audition for a military band before going to college. Those bands vary from good to excellent, but the skills attained during that time can give YOU a real chance to learn about what you are getting into. At the same time, educational opportunities become available and you go in to the process with a much larger background and "feel" about what is important. At the same time, you have a low budget possibility to get into the music field. Once that first 2 or 3 years is done, you can mke a decision about what is next and will have earned some money to help finance that!
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    You guys sounded great! I was there with the jazz band and we all really dug your set!

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