Upstream or Downstream?

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    Jul 7, 2008

    Yes, my horn is slightly more up than horisontal in all registers. On the avatar Im not playing, the picture is taken from a newspaper (on internet) It was just a posè for a church concert, one can not see the organist who I cut out, siting UNDER the bell and I am pretending to blow straight in to hes ears. :lol:
    I do keep my head over my shoulders when I play :-)

    I have naturaly an overbite (top teeth in front of the bottom) when I´m not playing. But when I PLAY my bottom an upper teeths are aligned or maby more thrue is that the bottom teeths is slightly slightly more forward then the top teeths.

    Also my MP is very low on my lips and the airstream goes UP.

    Starting to play like this was the best thing that I have evere done in my 27 years of playing. It is the enduranse I am so happy that is better AND the fexibilyty. I understand that range is not everything...but I could never play for example Haydns Trumpet concerto with my old embouchure, Leopold MOzart NOOOH WAY.. and so on. But now it is no problem longer. And no, I did not get anytging for free....I had to work up to It ofcourse with this "new" way of playing..many years and thousends of houers. But the bottom line: THIS TIME the results are showing from my work :-)....and as I said: range is not the imortant factor but it has come as well along with the rest and I can NOT deny that I am proud of being able to play the pieces I played with my "old" embouchure an octave up now IF I want to....and sometimes I do...just to get the feeling of revenge ROFL

    Rowuk, Im not saying that this is what one should do. All I am saying is that this was MY rescue and I did it becouse NOTHING else worked (and of course I did not know at the time that this way of playing would work either)...and belive me, I tryed it ALLl for many many many years And no Mather How or what I practised would it imrove.
    So if EVERYTHING fails and nothing helps...THEN and only then would I say that it might be an idea to consider an embouchure changes. But JUST to get higher notes and if its working in other aspects then NOO. Also it can and will be frustrating and I understand that the sucesee rate is very the end...I was lucky. But it took so many years and it had it´s price in other aspects of my life....but that is another story :-)
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    I thought we were supposed to be talking about trumpets & trumpet playing...not FISHING!!! :roll:ROFL:laughwave:
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    you found it, or it found you! Because your teeth are at least even or you have a slight underbite when playing, your trumpet angle does not put additional pressure on the upper lip. This is, as far as I am concerned one of the most critical things for an easy high register. The angle of the horn is only relational to the geometry of the teeth.

    You are not the first upstream player that figured this out late. I am just happy that you found it and that it worked so quickly. There are unfortunately not many teachers that would accept this. I am also pretty sure that there is no indication that would help some teacher figure this out based on jaw shape, teeth alignment. It does show that even good players need a bit of luck and not everything can be taught.
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    I have the same problem as you, the devilish downstream. But not for me, i've been first chair in All-State for 6 years in a row. I use a G. Baier 3c "heavy look" mouth piece, and also i warm up on the bobby shew jazz lead mp. Also a ML Bore Vincent Bach Stradivarius #43. Hope it works. Oh and don't worry about getting the high range, you just need to work on air support. GOOD LUCK!

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