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    Hi all,
    I am a trumpet performance major doing my undergrad degree. As part of my honors program I will be writing a thesis, and I want to write it about the role of the trumpet on Broadway. I would like to look at the evolution of how the trumpet is used in musicals throughout the 20th century until the present. Just wondering if anyone has read any good articles or books on the subject and have any recommendations of some for me to read.
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    Hello TrumpetGirl ...

    Here is a great article ... Jazz Articles: Broadway Pit Orchestras: The Money Pit - By Laurel Gross ... I know some of the guys who play there and they would all (at some point) in a conversation with you get on the soap boxes (and with good reason) and tell you the pits are slowly dying. Being replaced by recorded music and/or less and less live musicians. Just had this conversation with Chris Jaudes the other day who is a 20 year veteran of Broadway. Many of the trumpet players I have "profiled" or interviewed on my website play Broadway and would welcome you contacting them. Their contact data is on their profiles. Those who immediately come to mind are ... Frank Greene, Nick Marcione, Chris Jaudes, Tony Kadleck, Don Downs, John Chudoba etc.

    Professional trumpet players profiles and interviews by trumpet players directory ...

    Best of luck!
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    Wonder if Wilmer might be of some help as well, Russ:oops:
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    I dropped him a PM.

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