using 2 embouchures?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by mike ansberry, May 30, 2006.

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    On a thread over at TH LeeC was talking about using 2 different embouchures. One for normal playing below G above high C, and one for playing in the extreme high range. I find this interesting. I am by no means a professional player. I am a weekend warrior. I don't play in that extreme range. I have a usable G. All the people I have studied with (Don Jacoby, Bob Ceccarini, Gordon Alt, Frank Campos...) have maintained that a trumpet player should strive to play on one embouchure throughout the range of the horn. Now some of these teachers were lead players, but I don't think they were actually people who played in that extreme range either.

    Anyway, how many of you professional screamers out there use 2 different embouchure settings?
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    I have a couple of slightly different sets...

    Actually, I have a couple of slightly different sets. I also have a third slightly different set for extremely low double or triple pedal register stuff.

    Check out Walt Johnson's book, "Double High C in Ten Minutes." He has what he calls his high gear embouchure.

    For my part, my sets are very slightly different from each other, so it is reasonalby to slip from one to another on the fly.

    FWIIW coming from me!!!


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