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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by chet fan, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. chet fan

    chet fan Piano User

    Jul 3, 2009
    During practice I use two different mouthpieces. I start practicing with 7C (unnamed???) and when my chops get tired after some 30minutes I continue with 11C4 (yamaha) and it works fine for another 20 minutes. Then I rest. Os this ok to do that? or is it wrong?
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  2. Hoghorn

    Hoghorn Pianissimo User

    Dec 30, 2008
    Manitowoc Wi.
    If the yamaha piece gives you more endurance, why play the 7c ?
  3. Dupac

    Dupac Fortissimo User

    Aug 19, 2008
    Bordeaux, France.
    Did you ever try to BEGIN with the Yamaha ?
  4. Blind Bruce

    Blind Bruce Pianissimo User

    Apr 17, 2009
    Winnipeg Canada
    Sounds like you have a swelling problem. The Yamaha MP is cool and allows the lips to go down. I have the same problem and have no definitive answer.
  5. trumpetnick

    trumpetnick Fortissimo User

    Nov 16, 2005
    Vidin, Bulgaria
    If swelling is the problem the answer is simple:
    1. 20 minute break between sessions
    2. Back off. Get your breathing together and apply less pressure on the mp, which is probably the cause for swelling/bottoming out. Rely more on breathing than on mp pressure.
  6. Carlw

    Carlw New Friend

    Aug 5, 2009
    I can really understand where you're coming from but also consider your long term goals of playing.

    By changing to such a mp, you are in effect squeezing blood from a stone. Your chops are getting shot and the other mp allows you to continue on.

    Essentially, you could look at it analagously as lifting weights. You're lifting multiple sets of a large weight, then when your muscles fatigue you back off on the weight, or in this case,you switch mouthpeices. So it's not such a bad idea, perhaps even beneficial, provided you don't become reliant on that too early.

    The main goal should be of endurance and stamina but obviously not at the expense of your chops.

    Hope my opinion helps.

  7. chet fan

    chet fan Piano User

    Jul 3, 2009
    because I started with 7C and it is like my default mpc. When I am fresh I play better with it and when I get tired I switch to 11C4. I tried vice versa but it didnt work. I still had endurance for only 30 minutes, but after that 7C felt horrible. So I think it has to do with lip swelling. It definately has to do with lip swelling. But my question was Is it good or bad to practice that way? I mean do I risk developing some bad habits or ruining my embouchure?
  8. chet fan

    chet fan Piano User

    Jul 3, 2009
    if you mean "cool" as a temperature, no its not that, during practice with 7C I keep yamaha in my pocket so it would pick the body temperature because I found it distressing to put cold mpc on my mouth.
  9. s.coomer

    s.coomer Forte User

    Mar 25, 2005
    Indianapolis, In
    Work on one mp and get your chops straightened out. Sounds like you need some lessons with someone who can help you with pressure and your embouchure.
  10. gbdeamer

    gbdeamer Forte User

    Oct 16, 2008

    Doesn't sound like a good practice to me. If you sound best with the 7C then make it your primary mouthpiece and put the other one in a drawer. Get a reasonable practice routine that will allow you build your chops and become proficient on one mouthpiece.

    Unless of course you only play gigs that go for 30 minutes, then break, then 20 minutes...

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