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    Great, then eventually you may be able to extend your T-bone playing downward as would be essential if one were to double on it and trumpet.
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    I have an Amati. The pitch is pretty terrible. At one point, I went to Dillon Music to try some other ones. It was there that I determined that the pitch on every valve trombone is awful, so I just kept the Amati!

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    I would say be careful. Make sure FIRST, be very sure that playing the bone won’t mess with your trumpet embouchure. I tried it three different times – two of the times were with (different guys) and very skilled teacher supervision, and none of them worked. My embouchure was so messed up each time that I had to lay off for two weeks and go back to only trumpet. For some reason, I am a one trick pony. The only other instruments I have been able to play without any harm to my embouchure is the oboe or bassoon. I really like bassoon; which is something I find very, very strange. I try not to think about it too much.
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    Jul 1, 2011
    How long were your initial sessions with the trombone? I'm gonna guess that you stayed playing too long on instrument. Five minutes tops every other day should be the goal the first week.

    It's a matter of perspective. If we heard the statement "Playing too much tennis will screw up your bowling" we'd laugh. However if a beginner played five sets of tennis on his first day out? Chances are his legs would be too tired to bowl well that evening and maybe for several days later.

    The embouchure muscles are small and relatively weak when compared to those used in tennis or bowling. So it would take far less physical exertion to push them beyond their limits than it would to overuse our legs or arms such as the bowler/tennis player would find.

    And that is the key to doubling: It is a practice dependent ability. The muscles used need to be developed GRADUALLY. With my own playing it takes a few weeks to get in respectable condition. There have been times when I'd lay off the trombone for months (though this probably won't happen again if I can help it). After returning to the instrument I could easily go way overboard. Back in 2009 I couldn't get a musical note out of my trumpet for four days after overdoing in on the t-bone my first time out.

    This is because the lower brass mouthpiece swells the critical muscles that vibrate inside the trumpet mouthpiece. Until they become better conditioned this swelling really can screw with the trumpet embouchure. The oddest thing is that despite the inability to play the trumpet well when first starting the trombone one can continue playing the trombone on and on afterwards.

    And that can REALLY screw with your chops but rest assured that the condition is only temporary. The doubling brass player has essentially "played twenty sets of tennis on his first day out". Foolishness. TAKE IT EASY!!!

    Actually I'm still not quite totally conditioned to double "on the fly" right now. Think I need another month or so. Currently I double only one night a week and with no trombone practicing during the week. Not enough to totally recover my chops on the trumpet to 100%. So last night I took a few things down the octave. Not much but a little. Also played at times a little softer. Cherry picking parts and laying out if the melody was doubled.

    But this is just part of my growth cycle. Down the road I'll be back with more blistering register on the trumpet than i even have now while still doubling on trombone. This is because the lower brass playing helps both breath control and chops.

    And that is the real gift of lower brass doubling: It HELPS YOUR TRUMPET PLAYING. So long as one practices intelligently and doesn't increase the workload excessively for a little while.

    One more trick: Leave a trombone mouthpiece on your night table and buzz into it a few minutes every night before bed.
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    wow -- thanks for these posts -- I just bid on 2 SLIDE trombones on Ebay -- a KING, and an OLDS --- hope I win one -- then I can test the info on this thread!!!!!!!!
  6. kingtrumpet

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    Sep 20, 2009
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  7. Tequilero901

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    I recommend a king or jupiter valve trombone. I really like King valve trombones the best. I have a friend who has a King trombone in C for 1500. Its silver plated with Gold engravings. I play in Banda Sinaloense so I run across lots of valve trombones but I have to agree slide trombones are best I play trumpet and clarinet but on occasion mess around with my friends valve trombones and once tried a Holton slide trombone and I have to say it was much easier to produce a nice tone. Either way I believe King is the way to go when it comes to valve trombones.
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  8. Dupac

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    Congrats, KT !
    Are there asymmetric mouthpieces for trombones ? :dontknow:
    ROFL ROFL ROFL (This respectful tribute for you).
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    last I checked -- NO -- however with a little silver solder, I am thinking on making one out of the bone mpc. I might contact john Lynch at Asymmetric and see if he can make me one --- BUT the answer is ---YES, I am already contemplating an Asymmetric mpc for the bone
  10. Dupac

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    Isn't this difficult without ruining the sound qualities of the mouthpiece ? A bad result could discourage, while the idea would be interesting, IMHO.

    Better idea, for sure, making one from scratch rather than attempting to modify an existing one... [​IMG]

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