Verifying a metal allergy

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Haste2, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Lips turning red is NOT necessarily a sign of an allergy. Mine turn red after 5 minutes of play too. That is because of a light irritation (trumpet playing is not "natural") and blood flowing.

    A bit of pain after a while is also not necessarily a sign of an allergy.

    Excessive burning and swelling together are signs of an allergy.

    Only your doc will know for sure.

    I won't play on raw brass mouthpieces. The silver or gold plating must be intact too. No sense in taking a chance on anything. Once you start having chop problems, there is a psychological barrier for the rest of your life. It ain't worth it!

    You can tape the mouthpiece to your arm overnight to see if there is a reaction. It may not be scientific, but you would be at least a step closer. You can also put the mouthpiece on your lips with little pressure for 30-60 minutes WITHOUT playing and see if there is a reaction (you can read a book or watch TV at the same time).

    I would not invest in ANYTHING without knowing what is up. You have no money for a doc, but can afford another mouthpiece. Doesn't sound like a good plan to me.

    If you have a "heavy" playing scedule, what you describe can be simply a sign of too little preparation/practice time to support that schedule.
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    Kelly mouthpieces are made of polycarbonate, Lexan brand and available direct from Http:// and are available in many colors in addition to crystal clear.

    I like them at times, but not for everything. They are especially good in cold weather and for young students who will very often drop and damage a metal mouthpiece ... Lexan will not be damaged from such 90+% of the time. Some also prefer those made of Delrin brand by another manufacturer.
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    Got to see a doctor to know for sure. Even the "Docs" on this site would say the same.

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