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    i use jaw and hand vibrato. this is one of those things you dont want to think about too much, you and analyze yourself to paralysis. Imagine the sound you want and stay out of the way as much as possible, your body will know what to do to get that sound.
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    we practice to learn patterns that we can subconciously recall when needed. After "learning the technique" we need to concentrate on the music! I divide my practice sessions into analytical (with the metronome for instance) and musical.
    Tasteful use of vibrato is learned by listening to all sorts of high quality music. Even a wailing electric guitar can have an inspiring vibrato (albeit not diaphragmatic or jaw induced......)!
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    Cool aftermarket pimp for trumpet--a whammy bar!
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    Vibrato, when used in a subtle manner, can be one of the most beautiful effects in your bag.
    BUT BEWARE it can also be a terrible disease that is difficult to cure.
    It can be used to cover up tonal problems.
    I learned this lesson the hard way, not with the trumpet, but the violin.
    If you really listen to most violinists you'll,notice this disease is rampant.
    As soon as a young violinist learns a vibrato,they begin to vibrate,and
    continue to vibrate for the rest of thier lives! Nothing short of breaking
    thier hands can stop them.
    Finally a very wise professer said to me"you have no buisness using
    vibrato until you can make a beatiful sound WITHOUT VIBRATO".
    Long notes, man.
    Just as true for the trumpet, I have found.

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