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    The diaphragm vibrato has nothing to do with the diaphragm. It is possible to get the air supply to oscillate causing vibrato - that is body tension, abs not the diaphragm.
    The tongue is used by singers too Taah-eeh-aah like stchasking said.
    Moving the jaw up and down is yet another way
    Finally shaking the horn.

    Our playing is always the sum of our virtues and deficits. We practice to reduce the deficits and add to the virtues. Once we have developed habits, it is tough to break them, that is why some of us have problems with different concepts. It makes sense to work on vibrato in all its forms. It is an easy, low time investment way to increase expression.
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    Hey, SB, did you win anything? ROFL
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    For a long time I used my hand. When I started playing a lot of picc. I had trouble and developed the jaw method. Now I just use the jaw. I play a rotary picc. and it's impossible for my to use my hand.

    Now that I developed the jaw I almost never use the hand. Sometimes when I'm playing lead in a big band.
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    You can still your your left hand, but it is less precised...or get an upright action rotary...the only picc like that I have seen was made by lechner...excellent instrument.
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    I almost always use lip/jaw vibrato. I only use the hand vibrato in big band jazz playing. I've tried the air vibrato but I can't really get the hang of it.... oh well. What I do works pretty well for me.

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    I know maynard thought that hand vibrato's were weak, or something along those lines, and he had an excellent vibrato. I don't really hear a difference between the hand or jaw vibrato's, but that might just be my ears.
    I myself use "diaphragm" vibrato for slow-moving ballads. For anything else I trade off from hand to jaw.
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