Vince Penzarella in Aurora, Minn. July 1-13

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    May 9, 2007
    The Northern Lights Music Festival is embarking upon its fourth season in Aurora, Minnesota. The festival was created as a venue for gifted pianists and string players of all ages to come together to perform and perfect solo repertoire and chamber music.

    This season an extraordinary opportunity has presented itself to gifted and interested trumpet players of any age. Mr. Vince Penzarella, the legendary and recently retired member of the New York Philharmonic has agreed to join us at Giant’s Ridge to conduct Master Classes and to give private lessons between July 1 and 13. There are numerous and flexible possibilities for most advanced players:

    · Full participation in the Trumpet Master Classes from July 1 through 9.
    · Auditor participation in the Trumpet Master Classes and the opportunity to take a private or group lesson on the same day
    · Private Lessons or Group Lessons on any day between July 1 and 13.

    Full participation in the Trumpet Master Classes is limited to twelve serious, advanced students of high school, collegiate or professional levels; three Trumpet Ensemble concerts are scheduled in Aurora; Mountain Iron’s Merritt School; and Ely’s Washington High School on a program which also includes Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana.â€. Additionally, solo trumpet performance opportunities are available during the Northern Lights Festival concerts from July 1 through 13th.

    Mr. Penzarella’s philosophy of teaching is simple: If the student is sincere in learning, Mr. Penzarella will work with any level of student. Auditors can observe the master classes daily and one student or groups of students can take one or more private lessons with Mr. Penzarella during his residency at Giant’s Ridge, from July 1 through 13. Lessons are also available with Professor Bryan Appleby-Wineberg of Rowan University of New Jersey.
    • Costs for full participation in the Trumpet Master Classes is $900 for tuition, room and board at the Giant’s Ridge Sports Dorm. You will have an opportunity to play for Mr. Penzarella in his classes, to rehearse with the trumpet ensemble which will present three concerts, to work with professional accompanists in preparing solo repertoire to be presented on Northern Lights Music Festival Concerts and to socialize with other trumpet players and the international group of pianists and string players who will be rehearsing and performing chamber music during the festival. All local transportation to meals in Aurora, to concerts and excursions will be provided.
    • Auditor participation is $50 per person per day. Housing and meals can be purchased on a day by day basis if desired.
    • Private lessons, which may be shared by a small group of students, are $150 per hour with Mr. Penzarella. Dr. Appleby-Wineberg’s fee is $75 per hour.

    We welcome your participation in the Trumpet Master Classes with Vince Penzarella. If you have questions, we would be delighted to answer them. Call me at 856 795 1830 or at 609 922 2965.


    Veda Zuponcic
    Artistic Director
    Northern Lights Music Festival
    Professor of Music
    Rowan University

    You may also contact Dr. Bryan Appleby-Wineberg
    Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Brass
    Rowan University
    [email protected]
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    Another South Philly guy:cool:
    Vince, Lee and I were in all-city together.

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