VPI (velopharyngeal Insufficiency)

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Yvette, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Jan 31, 2010
    Hello, I need to know what anybody knows about VPI-hardly can find any information on how to treat it. I have a son 15 who plays trumpet in marching band, and hasn't been able to play since 10/10/09 after a big competition. He took a 4 week break, but still is unable to play any high notes. Air really escapes out his nose. Are there excercises? I found out about this from friend, when Drs. had no answers for me, I printed up what I could find and delivered to them;however, there only answer now is to have him switch instruments, or quit altogether, which he does not want to do. Is currently playing in band, but only low notes. If nobody had any information, could you maybe point me in a direction? Thanks.
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    I'm guessing your son can play some notes without VPI. An old "trick" may or may not work....

    Have your son learn, on the notes he can play without VPI, to make the VPI happen at will. When he figures that out, he'll have an idea what not to do.

    As for re-building, long tones are great. I'm guessing that playing at higher dynamic levels will bring about the VPI, so a crescendo to a point just short of the "trigger," followed by a decrescendo will help the training. It will take a long time, but better than just static 'ol long tones.

    Good luck!.

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