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    Dec 9, 2003

    Well it sounds like the WB model Kanstul that the general public has access to is very similar to the raw brass WB prototype model that he plays.

    (Exceptions a "tricked out" leadpipe and a Reeves Valve Allignment)


    I DO KNOW FOR A FACT that YAMAHA is working with Wayne on a new trumpet! There is no question or doubt about it :!:

    I also heard there should be a new Bobby Shew model out soon that Malone has been involved with.
  2. Bebop2

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    Jan 9, 2004
    Bergeron and yamaha

    I attended the IAJE in N.Y. on 1/21-1/25. I played both the Kanstul Bergeron and the new Shew horn.

    I talked to the Yamaha rep that was there, and he said this is the new model Shew 8310Z. It played a little better than the old one (not as tight). but it was still to tight for me. Also, the lacquer one played much more open tha the silver one.

    I have also talked to Wayne on the phone about his model Kanstul horn. The Wayne Bergeron or the Kanstul model 1600 has a tweeked out leadpipe on it. Kanstul even saids it has a special leadpipe on their site.

    The Bergeron and the Vax model Yamaha are both more open playing than the new Shew model.
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    Nov 1, 2003
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    Are Kanstul and Yamaha "both" going to produce WB horns, or is Yamaha going to get the endorsement exclusively...in the near future?

    Just curious. Be well.

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