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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Stabby, May 30, 2009.

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    Now you are getting the idea. Take a notepad and write ALL of these questions down (even if you think we have answered them) - ask them of your teacher - ask him to establish for you an idea of what he thinks YOU need to advance, and then we can comment more effectively.

    You may have a natural ability - or you may have to work hard like most, you won't know until you get someone to do a face to face assessment (expect to have to work hard by the way, even if you're a natural).

    I chose to see my tutor once a week for a couple of years, and now I see him about once every two to three months - when I'm having difficulty. He is a professional musician and he keeps reminding me that the only real difference between his trumpet playing skills and mine (any amateur really, is the time applied to the practice of trumpet).

    When I came back to the trumpet I found that every third lesson with my teacher was filled with questions and very little instrument on face. I also found that having the tutor play along with passages that I found difficult, was immensely helpful. I always took a list of questions along, and a few sheets of music, particularly where I was struggling - I had to prepare for the lesson as much as the tutor, never walk in unprepared - that just insults your teacher - it's your learning, not his/hers.

    Focus your learning - but don't forget to have fun - remember this is for Stabby's lifelong mental well being. :cool:
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    I was thinking about becoming a NASCAR driver, I'm certain they'd want me to race. How long do you think..... oh, never mind.
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    You should probably discuss times with the teacher, but when I started, I had 15 minutes a week for the first 2 years, then 20 mins, then 1/2 hr.

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