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    Feb 11, 2004
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    Warburton 2MC $50
    Warburton 4MC $50
    Warburton 5M $50

    These Curry's are just the the top part for the Warburton system
    Curry 1C $60
    Curry 1BC $60
    Curry 5M $60

    Najoom 3C/M $65
    Najoom 5C/MS $60 (this one has one tiny ding on it)

    Stork 2P (just the top part threaded for Warburton backbores) $60

    I also have some Warburton BLP backbores. These are designed for the Blackburn picc's but also work as short shank mouthpieces on normal Bb or C trumpets. $50 each

    BLP 8
    BLP 8*
    BLP 10
    BLP 10*

    All mouthpieces are in perfect condition unless otherwise noted. Shipping is $5 per order. Paypal preferred! MO's and checks are OK, too. Merry Christmas and let me know if you have any questions!! [email protected]

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