Warfare in the Mind of a Trumpet Player: Breaking Habits & Evolving

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by RicardoStalwart, May 11, 2014.

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    Aug 20, 2012
    I love all kinds of music, but am particular interested in improvisational music(Jazz,blues,rock,hip-hop/R&B). I play in a small jazz band at school and practice every chance, I get; I have even started composing. The band director ( (A veteran alto saxophonists) thinks I need to take my playing to the next level and shows me all kinds of things that I should work on to extend my vocabulary; a lot of these things I actually already know conceptually from fooling around on the piano and listening to records. But it is extremely difficult to actually incorporate what I can do on a piano to the trumpet in all 12 keys. I super ADD/ADHD, its hard to decide whether I should work on the Blues(Bb/F or other keys) , work on 2-5-1s, m7chords, D7, study more theory, approach my practice through backing tracks (which does helP).

    I feel like I know how to get where I wan't to be but I'm somehow sabotaging my growth(or the ego is). Has any body else struggle with this. There's an old saying a lot of musicians say "I wan't to hear what you don't know ; Practice what you don't know". If anyone understands the science of habits you know how difficult this can be. Has anyone struggled with this? How did you overcome it. Non-musicians think I'm good, my peers/bandmates think I'm pretty good, but I'm not yet satisfied with my playing yet, which is a feeling that even many great musicians have (the desire to always grow). I can play gigs if I have heard the tune being played prior to the performance, I want to get to the level where thats not necessary. Pop music is easier to pick up and improvise over but some more complex tunes like jazz is damn near impossible without knowing the progression of a tune and knowing it in every key its commonly played in.

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