Warm ups/ off centered embouchures

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by centerofaTONEment, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Everyone warms up before they play whether they call it a warm up or not. Some are regimented, some are not. If you play a scale before you play the first note, that's a warm up. The "debate" seems to be what and how long. THAT depends on the individual and is very subjective. I did notice that a certain poster said they free buzzed in the shower, but then edited their post. Hmm. :cool: I have found that the more developed I become, the less warm up I do and what I do is compacted. I like Walter Moerck's warm up personally followed by 2 octave scales.
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    but the theme of the post is still there --- and yes, the guy apparantly warms up -- even though that undermined another post that he had which indicated professionals "can't get to there gigs on time, and therefore they have no time to warmup, and if they didn't go on stage, they wouldn't have a job, so if you want to be a professional trumpet player -- then you only have to get to the job before the downbeat --- and be able to play the note ---"" unless you are DOC Severinsen -- then you do a full dress rehearsal, which is a warmup, and you have never been late to any gig --------oh I digress, once again

    oh - gee - there I go paraphrasing stuff again ROFL ROFL ROFL

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    I am bothered by this article. It seems to be advice for someone without a teacher. If it is than I may confuse more than it helps. My experience with starting beginners is to have them place it in the middle as a staring point. I know that as the student plays the right material over time the mpc will adjust to a sweet spot on the lips. Everyone has a spot where the lips vibrate the easiest called a nodal point. But the embouchure will only adjust to this spot with proper embouchure development. In other words I bring the student along at their natural pace. I also am there to keep them of of trouble with bad playing habits. I've found that when I start the student on the horn their mpc placement is never an issue.

    The last statement is wrong. the bottom lip not only supports the top lips but it vibrates sympathetically with the top lip.
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    I play off center, to the right. I can't play any other way.
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    If you can't, then don't. :thumbsup:

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