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    I warm down with cold beer. I am with SB on this. If anyone want and can warm down, that's fine with me. However I don't believe that it has any impact on chops. In the past I was unwise enough to call people "morrons" for relying on their warm-down. I don't do lots of warm-ups either. The first world famous trumpet player that I have ever met was Roger Voisin. He told me that one should be ready to perform in 5 minutes and I fully agree with this statement. Daily routines are totally different story. I found that I need at least 1-2 hours of daily practice to maintain my chops.

    I thought that I can add this: Though I am not a linguist and English is not my first (native) language, I believe that the term "warm-down" is incorrect. If I follow Rowuk's logic, the correct expression should be "cool-down".
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