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    Ok, Ok Silly boy.

    Let's say you warm up in your flat in Queens. You have a gig in the Bronx. You take the elevated train out of Queens to the subway in Manhattan. Two transfers latter you are going up the island on a local to the Bronx. By the time you get to your stop, walk another 6 blocks, wait 15 minutes for an elevator in the building you are gigging in another half hour has expired. You just make the gig and get the music out on the stand right at the downbeat. Total time from the flat to the gig: 3.5 hours. Does that warm up in Queens still last?

    I am traveling from Dayton to play a gig in Pittsburgh. I warm up in Dayton, take the 5 hour van ride to hit traffic at the tunnel leading into the city for a Pirates game, just get to Little E's on time to get to the stage, set up and play. Total time 6 hrs. Does that Dayton warm up still last.

    So that is my question, how long does the warm up last? Over several minutes, hours, through to the next day? I do not know the answer to this.
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    HaHaHa!!!! Wherever I am, It's 20 minutes out and that is sufficient. If I have to play 3 hours later, I may warm up or not depending on what my body is telling me.

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