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    In conjucntion with the release of his instructional DVD "I Love the Trumpet" (finally out 7/14/04!!!) Warren Vache will be offering Brass Clinics that cover all aspects of trumpet playing. Following is a copy of the suggested syllabus - anyone interested in scheduling a clinic for their school or organization should contact Warren directly.

    Warren Vache Brass Clinic
    Sample Syllabus

    Breath Control:
    The physiology of breathing
    Diaphragm and Diaphragmatic breathing
    “Open Throat†concept for unrestricted air flow
    Explanation/Demonstration of various Breathing Exercises

    The “Buzzâ€:
    Lip Vibration and the creation of Sound in a Brass Instrument
    Principals of Embouchure
    Mouthpiece Buzzing - alone and as part of Warm-up Routine
    Breath Control and The Buzz

    Tonguing and Technique:
    Explanation of the musculature of the tongue
    Proper tongue placement; “T†and “D†sounds
    Elementary Single, Double & Triple Tonguing Technique and exercises
    Hand placement and proper grip
    Proper finger placement and fingering technique

    The importance of proper warm-up/warm-down periods before/after practice and performance
    Suggested Warm-up/Warm-Down exercises and techniques

    Explanation of different type Mouthpiece rims, cup depths and shape
    and their relationship to sound production
    Pros/Cons of Different Horns - New vs. Used
    Instrument Testing and Maintenance
    How to Try Out a New Mouthpiece and/or Horn

    Practice Tips and Techniques:
    Setting a Routine
    Use of Metronome
    Practicing for Perfection
    Introduction of recommended method books
    Examples of scales, keys, arpeggios and chords to be used as part of practice routine

    A Short History of Jazz Trumpet
    The Importance of Listening
    Improvise Everyday
    Learning Transcribed Solos
    Transcribing Solos
    Great Players to Listen too and Learn from.

    Note: Each clinic will be custom tailored to the amount of time available (1 or 2 days) and the
    maturity (comprehension) level of the attendees and any specific areas of emphasis requested
    by the clinic hosts.
    One Day Clinic:
    Will Cover all areas listed in the Sample Syllabus in as much depth as time allows.

    Suggested Format:

    8:00 AM to 8:45 AM - Clinic Sign-in and Breakfast
    9:00 AM to 11:45 AM - Morning Clinic and Demonstrations
    12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM - Luncheon
    1:15 PM to 2:45 PM - Afternoon Clinic and Demonstration
    2:45 PM to 3:00 PM - Formal Question & Answer Period
    3:00 PM to 3:30 PM - Afternoon Break
    3:30 PM to 5:15 PM - Rehearsal
    5:30 PM to 7:00 PM - Dinner
    7:15 PM to 7:30 PM - “Dress Rehearsalâ€
    8:00 PM - Performance of selected piece(s) for family and friends

    Two Day Clinic:
    Will cover all areas listed in the Sample Syllabus in greater depth and detail. Day 2 will reinforce and expand upon techniques discussed during One Day Clinics. After a Morning Brass Masterclass to reinforce Day 1 Topics; a Two Day Clinic will allow Mr. Vache greater rehearsal time with your ensemble and will culminate with an evening performance showcasing Mr. Vache as guest soloist with your ensemble at a full-scale concert.

    Once again, it must be noted that Mr. Vache will tailor both the clinics and performances to the age, maturity and performance level of your students - everyone will benefit from his knowledge and performance: from high school students to college performance majors to community ensembles.

    For Two Day Clinics culminating in a public performance, please indicate what type of ensemble will be performing (ex: jazz band/brass ensemble, etc.) and what pieces you would like to perform (please provide full score & solo parts) or allow Mr. Vache to choose a program suitable for your ensemble. All instrumentalists in your ensemble will greatly benefit from rehearsing and performing with Mr. Vache - it is an opportunity they will cherish.

    Mr. Vache will also be delighted to develop clinic syllabi based on your needs:
    Improvisation Only; Rehearsal and Performance Only, etc.

    Dependant upon schedule, Mr. Vache will be available to provide individual instruction for a limited number of students. These lessons must be arranged prior to his arrival for the clinic.

    Clinic syllabi will be formalized at the time of Clinic Booking. Please contact Mr. Vache directly for scheduling and further information. A detailed questionnaire to establish syllabus and performance
    parameters will be provided upon confirmation of Clinic Booking.

    Contact info:
    email = [email protected]
    website = www.warrenvache.com

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