Water ie spit leaking from top of valves

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Pplaxy, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Apr 9, 2011
    Hi, Im a newish player and are playing an old Yamaha tenor horn yah201. Is it normal for water to leak from the bottom of the valves? If I store the horn bell down after playing, water then leaks out of the top of the valves. Is this normal?
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    I don't know the Yamaha tenor horn, but will assume it is configured much like a Baritone or Euphonium (the latter which I've also played). Too, I'll also assume it is played cradling in your arms in front of your body and your bell thus faces forward. Some manufacturers have their valve blocks pass through the horn and some have them align with the horn. This said, if your bell bends forward and your valve block passes through the horn and you lay it down with the bell downward the valves are upside down. If the valves are aligned with the horn and the bell straight and you are setting the instrument on its bell, again the valve block is upside down.

    The holes in the bottom covers of the valve block are there for a purpose ... to drain excess fluids that accumulate in the valve block. Turn the valve block upside down and there is usually enough clearance around the valve stem for the fluids to now drain in that direction. The critical problem is that when the valve block is turned upside down that there is the increased potential that the valve felts will become saturated and wreck havoc on the valve alignment. Too, there is usually a felt under the valve key. The fluid may be partially water either from you or condensation, but it could also include excess valve oil.

    heavily worn valves, as with extended usage over time, will increase this flow of fluid and then it would be time to have your valves replated by a tech because you would also be misdirecting your air.
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    When done playing, just pop the slides of and shake them out. Blow through each depressed valve while the slide is removed and clear more water that way.

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