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    Just did another wedding a couple weeks ago at a large room at a country club. The rhythm section was mic'd and playing rather loud. The sax player and I were doing well at keeping our un-mic'd sound in check and under the volume of the rhythm section to maintain our chops for the evening. Then this lady comes over to me, and says I am playing too loud. I asked her, you sure you have the right instrument as I have been playing under the amplified rhythm section all night. She said, no it was pretty my me playing too loud. I then asked her: "Does your husband play the trumpet?" She said yes. I then said: "Lady, that explains a lot. Your issues are more with your husband, and less with me". She walked away pissed. Didn't get groped that night.
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    What did you charge for the performance?
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    Yeah, well, did wedding for a couple friends..........guy and girl, he is a trumpet player, btw.

    Time comes for the bridal dance......

    Yep, groom and maid of honor missing........

    Bride goes looking....followed by us band members......

    Yep, you guessed it, found them together in her room.

    Said he was helping her with a problem..........
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    Oct 26, 2003
    Charge!? I paid...and I'm still paying! LOL!
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    One of the more interesting songs we play is "Shout" - interesting due to the part where the lyrics are, "get a little bit softer now...get a little bit softer now..." At that part of the song, everyone wants to shimmy and get down as low as they can go, so if you can imagine a lot of short skirts and gals who aren't wearing panties...yeah, you get the picture.

    We did a wedding once where a brickhouse of a girl was doing that whole, "I'm going to get as low as I can go" thing and with the way her dress was, the lower she went, the further it rode up her hips, only she didn't seem to notice, and by the time she did notice, the bottom hem of her dress was clear up over her hips. And of course she was going regimental. She didn't seem to care that much because although she did stand up straight again, she took her time shifting the dress back to normal, and she didn't run off of the dance floor.

    We see quite a few boobs. Typical thing where the dresses are strapless, the excitement on the dance floor is high, everyone is jumping around dancing, and things just pop out.

    We had a thing once where these two boorish drunk guys kept asking for the Kid Rock song "All Summer Long" - we don't do that song because it's essentially a rip off of "Sweet Home Alabama" and we do play that. In any case, we had a VERY structured song list that night so we really couldn't deviate much, and typically we save "Sweet Home Alabama" for the end of the night. These guys wouldn't let up, and got pretty nasty about it. "You just aren't playing it because your guitar player doesn't have the chops." Right. Our guitar player at the time is a killer player, so we ended the night with both "Sweet Child of Mine" and "Sweet Home Alabama" and he just SHREDDED the guitar solos in both of them, which pretty much settled the debate about our guitar player's chops. These guys were so bad that the bride personally came up and apologized on their behalf after the gig was done.

    On occasion, we get to play some pretty interesting venues. This is a pic taken from the balcony outside of the room we were playing in the Hay Adams Hotel.


    It was a neat room to play, but one of the most unpleasant gig experiences in my memory. I wasn't in the building for 30 seconds before someone on the hotel staff saw me carrying an instrument case and ushered me away from the clean, washed guests and around to a service elevator. It was like that the whole night - treated like 2nd class citizens simply because we were the help and musicians. It was so bad that the bandleaders have said we will never play there again, and will turn down any gig using the Hay Adams Hotel.
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    I have dealt with so many wedding parties over the years, both as a musician and in my college job in an alterations shop. There have been many times I've been treated pretty badly as a musician, but never as badly as in alterations! It's amazing when you're working on someone's $5k wedding gown and are treated like you're not good enough to wash the floor! After so much gig and alterations experience, my perfect wedding was a courthouse wedding, in a short dress ( you can't go to the bathroom by yourself in some of those big gowns!!) with no music, and the ceremony and reception cost us $385. Our 16th anniversary is tomorrow, so I don't think the small wedding was a problem :)
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    I think he was overcharged...
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    +1 on Shout, especially the strapless anticipation
    +1 also on being treated as "The Help"

    Been there
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    the help: isaac stern was soloing with the chicago symphony and had always stayed at the drake hotel on north michigan avenue. he got out of his limo one night after the concert and walked in the front door. he was denied entrance due to the fact that he was carrying an instrument. so he did as he was asked and walked out the door, right accross the street to the ambassador west, where he stayed every time he was in chicago for the rest of his career.

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