Wedge Breathing

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    I agree...perhaps the wedge breath isn't a technique in it of itself. But in my humble opinion it's a great way to internalize the mechanics of a proper breath. It's like the thousands of trumpet players who use the pivot system and have never heard of it.
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    Greetings all. I do not use acronyms so I do not know what SNL means other than "Saturday Night Live". But, I was super blessed to have a day long master class with a former trumpet professor. I have tried to post his routine before but to no avail. It is all based on air manipulation. He would say is nothing special on paper because it is all in he approach. The entire day was spent on learning how to breath prior to planting the mouthpiece. Some may recognize the phrase "take a downing man's breath" expanding from the base up. The goal is then to use the stored energy. I have attached a link to a YouTube video which by great coincidence really illustrates in a graphic way the point. The inhalation and use of air is analogous to what happened with the water hose while the Pink Panther is playing.

    Go to 4:20 directly (if you watch a little bit earlier where he gets his mouthpiece taken away you get the sense the cartoonist must have know a trumpet player in real life)

    The Pink Panther in "Pink Trumpet" - YouTube

    During the lesson the trumpet professor was very skeptical wedge breathing. Says, well it works for some. The Claude Gordon method of breathing works for others. The only thing that I would say is testimonials by great trumpet players for methods related to body mechanics is the worst way disseminate information. Superior physical performers often have very little clue how they accomplish what they do. Scientific analysis, study, and the pedagogical work on how to actually describe in terms of teaching cues is the most appropriate direction. The book Trumpet Pedagogy is simply amazing at it attempts to do this.

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    Hi Wondra,
    You ststed:
    "A history clarification...Maynard gave Bobby the Science of Breath book, though it was Bud Brisbois who showed Bobby how to do it (use the breathing method). The book is in the public domain, so if you want to read it, here you go:
    Thanks so much for the clarification and I agree. It's a matter of degree and the Wedge breath can be used in all situations. But for me, I use the wedge for when I need the hot compression sound. Otherwise, I depend on my basic breathing technique.
    Thanks again for the clarification

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