Weight loss and trumpet playing....

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    Jan 25, 2007
    I would figure that your somewhat limited practise schedule would be a big factor in altering your playing ability. The big weight loss would probably affect your respiration which could affect your playing. I'm betting that with time your playing will stabilize.:roll:
    Dr. Mike
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    FWIW, Chad Shoopman said that when he lost 100lbs he had to downsize his mouthpiece size quite a bit to .560. Before that, he tried a lot of other things but his chops were still down. He attributed the success with the downsizing because his face/lips lost fat cells/mass...it's actually a fascinating interview in Keith Fiala's book. I have owned both Shoop sizes and the difference in diameter is fairly large. As I GAIN weight (through bodybuilding) I do find myself going up a little in diameter size from the Shoop .560 to mouthpieces around .610-.590...but still experimenting around with this. Been using Pops' very light pressure grip the last few weeks with great success as well. All the best, Lex
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    I think it would have to do with how fast youl ost the weight. At a slow pace one wouldn't notice much difference as the body has time to adapt. If one loses the weight rapidly than one will experience some weakness at first.
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    don't worry -- 3 moderators, and 1 artist in residence -- along with about 50 or 60 others on this site -- often take offense at me. AND most of them are NOT important enough for me to care about what they say either -- cause frankly, on this electronic media --anybody, could be anybody they say they are --- and I have only had time to "check" out a few people who are REAL.
    I hope you enjoy your life -- and live it to the fullest -- a lost of weight should definitely improve the long range health.
    have a nice life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jan 1, 2011
    No prob! And thanks!
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    Hey King,
    no need to be afraid of looking in the mirror. If 3 moderators and an artist in residence are trying to tell you something, maybe you are not what you seem to be......

    Pintocb is on a roll and sharing some of the ups and downs. It is a book well worth keeping open at TM.
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    Mar 18, 2006
    How much weight would someone have to loose to actually see the effects on the playing?
  8. gmonady

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    Excellent question... and what are those effects... do keep us updated pintocb, and any other TM members that have had successfull weight loss experience. Please do share them here on TM. If we collect enough input, as a physician that runs a music in medicine symposium, I would LOVE to put this together as a medical symposium or even an article, as to my knowledge, there is no definitive publications on this topic as it relates to trumpet playing specifics. I would truly enjoy the chance to be the one to write this article. I agree with Rowuk, this is a book truly worthy of keeping open... and perhaps one day publish... proceeds go to TM.

    Great topic pintocb!

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    Apr 26, 2011
    OK Gmonady, I’ll start, I lost 115 Lbs in 1 ½ yrs. Went from 315 to 200 = Improved playing, now that I’ve read the effects of others I do recall my mouthpiece feeling bigger at one point, although I did not change pieces, rather I worked on putting more meat in the same piece. Still playing on the same piece and have kept the weight off. Any questions for your research, please feel free to ask. Maybe if you had specific questions to ask you could post them for uniformity : )

    Let me add here, I average 2 to 3 or more hours a day practice, everyday. Shows are frequent and usually run 4 hours or more.
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  10. bumblebee

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    My experience: I'm a keen cyclist (even used to do triathlons) but when I went through a really busy patch and used the car or bus exclusively for a few months I put on a few kilos, lost some core strength, and though I was playing trumpet daily I found I was losing tone quality, endurance and range. That all got better when I got back into training and commuting by bicycle.


    (Note: I realise this may have had something to do with general energy levels as well, as I was getting less sleep.)
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