What a superb service from PickMusic!

Discussion in 'Horns' started by jerichotrumpet2004, Jun 20, 2005.

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    Jul 23, 2004
    I have recently ordered a Deluxe gladsone case for my new trumpet from www.pickmusic.net . I have corresponded first with Priscilla and have found her advise to be both honest and knowledgable. I do not live in the US and the case was sent to me promptly via USPS. The case was exatly as Priscilla has described - a great case, looks just like the pictures she has e-mailed, beautiful, sturdy and can easily hold 3 mutes + more stuff.

    Unfortunately, my local Post office unprofessional beasts have managed to cut through the wrapping and onto the case itself. I told Priscilla what has happened. She has written back to say that after thinking about it she came to the conclusion that she could have prevented it by some extra super precautionary measures. She decided to send me another case free of charge.

    I have now received the second case, exactly as promised.

    What a fantastic business person. I think most businesses would have shrugged it off, especially as I was not from the neighbourhood, so to speak. I recommend Priscilla and her PickMusic internet store to all trumpet players. If you are looking for anything trumpet related, you can trust Pick Music and its owner to be your friends and appreciate your business. PickMusic service is truely Second to none! :-)

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