What are essential skills to practice?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Trumpet Playa, Oct 24, 2010.

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    I agree with others --- but you left out Long tones, and you left out practicing at a whisper (ppp) - and improvisation (you know -- making your sound -- SOUND LIKE YOU).
    ........wish I was 18 and could handle 6 hr practices and knew all that stuff -- now I am old and 3.5 hr practice is my limitation, for now.
    .............stay focused, and play with other professional trumpet players -- college music professors, pros in your area, etc. .........nothing will help you improve like finding someone who can play better ---or has a different sound ---
    "iron sharpens iron"
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    Aug 4, 2010
    Thank you everyone. I feel like im def not good enough to be pro level now. I was no child prodigy, but to get very good im very willing to put in all the work. Im a freshman in college now. For grad school I want to attend a good conservatory and I feel like I need to work a lot and not get outworked because its real competitive. I just love playing and dont mind all the practicing. I can get my other music homework done and see my friends and stuff. Not a lot on weekdays, but weekends work out and I can still practice. I dont see the practice room as a chore at all.

    Right now im concentrating on building up all my skills as much as possible in the practice room so for next year or maybe in the spring I want to start really looking for performance opportunities that will look good for when I apply to conservatories for grad school. I'm a freshman and have till Im a senior in college and I may be naive, but I believe that good things will come some day of my effort now whatever it may be.

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