What are some things I can to to project notes in the upper register more?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by 1stTrumpet, Aug 26, 2010.

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    Jun 18, 2006
    What makes you think that your problem is "projection".

    There are too many trumpet players that toss around terms that really don't make any sense.

    Projection is simply a balance of frequencies in the sound that can make it heard from a distance or above other groups of instruments. It depends on the groups that one is playing with and what type of acoustic environments one plays in to pick the "right" type of "projection".

    Getting a "projecting" tone has more to do with the brain knowing what it wants than some tweaking on the body. The brain learns through repetition. That means that there is no short cut with special techniques to better projection. The brain is amazingly resistent to cutting corners.

    My teaching experience with students with an incomplete upper register always comes back to the same things - trying to force the issue before the necessary concept in the head is developed. If your teacher has not worked out a proper concept (other than "try harder"), you need to start asking THEM some questions!

    No concept, no results,
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    Aug 19, 2010
    Maynard was the master of projection,what he says about opera singers and the Yoga training will always hold true.
    Opera singers didnt have microphones and had to fill up a entire theater or even worse a open air amphitheater that isnt easy.
    Sitting in front of Maynard you felt he could knock you back 3 feet when listening to him.

    Now this may sound corny but it worked for me and several other players.

    Stand about 5 feet or so from a wall.
    Now try and HIT that wall with sound,just project enough to TOUCH the wall no further.
    When you get used to that you will then try and MOVE that wall back a INCH.
    When you get used to THAT move that wall back a FOOT.
    If you can move that wall back 5 feet you will be doing good.

    Now remember DONT blare,control your tone.

    Like I said corny but if you can get the concept it works.

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