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Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by NickD, Jul 1, 2005.

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    I just re-posted a strange tune I did some time earlier this year on which I was messing around with my Getzen slide "cornet." I don't really see how it could really be a cornet with a slide. The slide has to be cylindrical. In any case, I got some pretty wierd glissandos out of it. The tune itself is very loosely an ABA form (rather ABCBA). It's more of a chillout-mood piece. I'll try to keep this kind of shamelss self promo thing down to a minimum. I just thought the slide cornet thing made for some neat effects and I just wanted to share this tune.

    I rotate my tunes at Mp3unsigned.com, so this will be gone before too long.

    Pop in if you can!

    Peace, all.


    I'm popping in an edit here. I have two other tunes on the charts now! Both "Fringing" and "MOre Than A Wish" are in the administration top 20 on MP3Unsigned.com, this week! "Fringing" has hit #1 on the user charts a couple of times. I really appreciate your support. I consider this a coup for trumpeters, not me. These OMD's are typically dominated by hip-hop, rappers and rockers. We can all enjoy this moment. Again, I am grateful for the kind support.

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