What Causes Lips To NOT Buzz?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by MikeDog, Mar 14, 2012.

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    There is another thing to keep in mind ... the range game ... trying to play as high as you can will really tighten up the lips... as will not warming up.
    I know it's a little controversial but I really do like the idea of a short warm down .... just so the chops don't stay tight.
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    That's got to be the most oversimplified answer I could imagine, IMHO. Babies breath, everyone breathes, only ones who don't are in the cemetery, anyway, that in itself is oversimplified too. bit there's way more than breathing involved here.
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    Yeah and I "think" the OP of that info begged us to never mention it again and even used reppies to "buy off" his detractors (someone needs more reppies! ;-))!
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    Dec 22, 2008
    ha ha ha !!!
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    Older player trying to gently return after decades off. Frustrated with lip stiffness! However, all I see here is mention of proper air use and/or laying off due to overpracticing. Except Rowuk who mentioned some biological issues like salt (he didn't say whether too much or too little) and hydration. The reason I bring this up is most players AND teachers don't seem to recognize there are factors aside from overplaying that can seem to cause the embouchure to not want to work. I recently took a vacation of 3 weeks, with very little playing during that time. Just came back and today tried to play again. Lips simply will NOT vibrate naturally - feel incredibly stiff (NOT sore). Tried very soft, pedals, practically no pressure, etc... they simply won't relax. I've experienced this before during times when it could not possibly have been related to overplaying. I'm on a daily water pill for heart issue that "flushes" me and on low salt diet. Please would someone address the original question here - are there any exercise(s) or suggestions for overcoming this stiffness that don't refer to laying off due to overplaying? In some cases (mine at least) there is something else going on physiologically. Thank you
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    It's called loss of muscle tone PERIOD.

    Not sure how this applies as if I would take your serum sodium level with you on this medication and me not on this medication, it would be nearly identical. Blood alcohol content may be a different matter.

    Yes, play every day. Problem solved.

    Look, muscle in your lip is no different than muscle in your biceps, triceps, quads, thigh, arteries, cardiac muscle. Muscle develops tone from exercise. Maintaining tone requires exercising said muscle NO LESS frequent than every other day. If this schedule is not maintained there will be loss in tone or the feeling of stiffness when it comes to skeletal muscle or hypertension when it comes to smooth muscle.

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