What Do Manufacturers Do With Old Horns?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by tgl, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Thanks in advance for your feedback!


    What do the Bach's, Yamaha's, Schilke's, and Kanstul's of the world do with their previous year model trumpets?

    In a nutshell I'm daydreaming about cracking the code of the new instrument supply chain, in order to find the best place in the supply chain, where the price of a brand new (still in original unopened package) "professional" (promoted as such) horn should be the lowest.

    Outlet Store???
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    It's not really like cars with VINs and titles.

    Manufacturers make horn and sell them. Dealers (usually) keep them in stock until they sell them.

    If you're looking for a new old stock horn, check the local music stores that have been around for years.
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    Hello,Usually if a certain Horn model is going to be discontinued. The Music Stores or wholesale buyers know first.

    Most of the time,deep discounts are offered. For example; the last sell off of the Kanstul Besson International 800 and Conn Selmer King Legend model Horns. You could have bought a Conn King Legend Trumpet for around $750.00 with all the perks and free shipping.

    Believe the Kanstul 800 Bessons got down to around $499.00 plus free shipping etc.

    You can go to the differant Internet Music sites and look for discounts. Most have a leave your e-mail contact, if any brands go on a deep discount sell off. Today this is a well controlled market. Between the Horn makers and the Wholesale buyers.

    The cheapest retail prices for a new horn at the momement would probably be Trent Austin's Adam and Carol horns. Sure their are others.

    Instead of needing more Horns,I could use a younger body with more air and lip. LOL Anybody selling any discounts on those items let me know. Good luck on your Horn discount search. Find any great buys let us all know.
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    Check with Ivan Hunter (Trumpets Plus here on TM) He has a couple of really great deals on Ebay right now. They are "B" stock examples that are pro-level horns at a student price.
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    I'll throw this in. One of my Conn 80A's is New Old Stock (NOS). It was made in 1952 and sat on a shelf for 50 plus years! The story goes that the tech was paid with horns because the store (local mom & pop) was in dire financial straits just before they shut down. Why it didn't sell is a mystery. It looks like it just rolled off the line. If you can find a local M&P type store, that will be your best bet for finding NOS.
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    I can vouch for his horns!

    VERY good trumpets!
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    That's easy.....they sell them!
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    the manufacturers build basically what they have orders for. I don't know of any overstock situations that could cause a manufacturer to discount.

    The story is a bit different at music stores when sales go down. They have stock and could be more willing to dump it. That being said, even the best price that music stores can make and not go bankrupt will often be more expensive than "no service" internet retailers.

    I prefer relationships with local dealers if possible. Everybody needs favors once in a while. That only happens when YOU start with yourself.
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    If I can learn to post pics, I'll put it in the vintage eye candy thread.

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