What do you guys for to work on Endurance?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by mallik503, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Hey cats - great thread and posts. Chris Gekker also expands on some of the ideas that Rowuk is speaking of with the high and low impact. Definitely worth searching for and reading. I want to also contribute to the idea of taking the impact off the chops as much as possible. Make sure you have the tongue and air support involved to its maximum efficiency. I feel the best way to do this is lip slur exercises. What I would recommend is to make sure you can play the Irons book comfortably and smoothly. Once you can play Groups 21 and 22 easily in the way he describes in the book, I would go to this exercise which I describe in detail in my posts here: "7 in 7 exercise" Claude Gordon? - View topic: Trumpet Herald forum This is my variation on an exercise a TM poster once talked about on this forum. All the very best, Lex
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    I should have used the word "brutal" to describe some of my practice habits, "self-destructive" has sounds like i'm causing irreparable damage.
    Case in point: Saturday, I spent half an hour straight practicing 1- and 2-octave chromatic scales, moving progressively faster starting at quarter notes = 60 bpm until i was up to 110 bpm and could play both octaves three times in a row without missing a note. If I'd had more time i would have gone for five times in a row.
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    I agree -- I have noticed my endurance suffers after working all day, and then having a Thursday concert for my community band ----- my body is tired, and I tend to use more pressure and force things a bit (after all it's a concert -- I got to get the notes out) ---

    and occasionally we have a concert in the summer when I am on vacation ---- so my body is refreshed, I can concentrate better on breathing, and play more relaxed ------ it's amazing how it's totally different and after a 2 hour community band concert ----- my lips still seem pretty fresh and able to play well

    I would like to blame any of my endurance problems on lack of practice --- OR taking a day off here and there --- OR poor practice sessions --- ultimately for me it seems like it's fatigue in the rest of my body ---- and not a lip problem

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