What do you think Allen was thinking during this performance?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by coolerdave, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Yes really. My high school had a great program. Not because we were the most talented as individuals but because we worked our tails off as a group. We gave up our summers for 8 hour marching band practices. Through the course of the regular school year we reheased after school in addition to our class time rehearsals to get ready for concert season. We were always performance ready and enjoyed our performances as a result. One season our percussion section left the music for our concert program at the school when went to a concert band festival. Our group still got the highest ratings possible with the percussion guys playing from memory. Work makes up for lack of talent over the long haul.
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    Anyone up for some COD Black Ops? I feel like being distracted :0)
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    Maybe after I am done practicing
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    Part of his power is that he condescends to play with people who are wanting. But then again, who isn't wanting when compared to a master like Allen Vizzutti?
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    Isn't performance about communication?
    I'm just damned glad these kids are playing and enjoying it, and if that were me I'd just be digging playing with the kids, regardless of where they are musically.
    I bet the vast majority of the parents and teacher there have never been exposes to someone who can play like that. If just one kids gets bitten by the trumpet bug after tat, I bet is' all worth it to Vizutti.

    It's not all about who is better, who plays loudest, highest, fastest. There's a HUGE realm of musical communication that takes place beyond the realm of any of that crap.
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    Modification: An EXCELLENT performance is about communication. Performance in and of itself is mealy the act or style of performing a work or role before an audience.
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    How true! Two years, my daughter's high school jazz program had the pleasure of a day-long clinic with Jeff Coffin (sax player with Dave Matthews) and his quartet, capped off with a performance that evening with both of the school's jazz bands. Jeff and his quartet electrified the sax students and everyone else involved. I'll admit I horned in (pun intended) as a helper with the clinic just to listen and learn as my "helper" duties allowed. What a great experience for everyone and the jazz bands are still riding the wave of his energy, advice and, yes, understanding. Jeff's biggest message to the kids about playing jazz? Listen. What's neat is everyone of them who participated still remembers that message today...seems they did learn to listen that day.
  9. gmonady

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    He's almost right. It's more than just listening, it's about hearing. Unless you integrate the sound that you listen for, you cannot hear. Hearing is the most important aspect. Just hear what jazz musicians say when they connect with the ensemble: "I hear what you're blowing man... I hear ya". Hearing is what it is all about.
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    My Band was the best band in the state. We worked hard too, but I still think you can enjoy a game of golf even if you're not a scratch golfer, you know?

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