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Discussion in 'Horns' started by bugler16, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. bugler16

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    Dec 14, 2003
    I know that this is kind of a redundant and useless question. I know that there are tons of good and great horns out there. I do have my equipment of preference. I don't whish to cause arguments or get into a "my horn is better than yours" contest. I am simply curios and I enjoy knowing about and test playing all of the different brands that I can get my hands on. Plus it is interesting to see what horns are being used for what types of playing and so forth. Trumpet playing is great fun and part of that is the fact that we have so many different brands of horns and mouthpieces to play on and just to try out and enjoy. So what do you play on, horn and mouthpiece. What style of music do you use it for. And without starting an argument (everyone is different and likes different equipment for different reasons) why do you like your equipment. My horns are listed in a signature so I will not type that out again.
    I use the lightweight for lead playing because it simply has a huge sound (an old Bach from when Bach was still alive). For jazz and lead I use a Bach 11/2C, for orchestral, wind Band, quintet, small ensemble on both Bb and C I use a Curry 3BC, on piccolo and Eb I use a Curry 3DE. And currently a Bach 3C for cornet although I am think about a Curry cornet mouthpiece.
    I love my equipment because it works well for me I like the resistance each of my horns has it balances well for me. They also help me to achieve the sound that I want. The huge sound of my lightweight Bb. The more centered sound of my Standard. The richer,slightly darker sound of my picc than most. The brilliant songing sound of my C. the delicate sound of my Eb. And the huge round rich sound of my cornet.
    Oh yeah and I love my horns most because they are mine and they allow me to make music.
  2. dcstep

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    Nov 27, 2003
    I play mainly rock/soul/pop/funk with an electric group, but occasionally I'll church solo and ensemble work. I'm not playing in any wind ensembles or orchestras lately, BUT I used to play in several and I think my Selmer-Paris Concept TT would work in those situations.

    The reason I love the Concept TT is that it is free blowing and has an big, incredibly resonant sound AND it projects well. I compare its resonance with the very best tuning-bell horns that I've played. It's somewhat akin to a very good Schilke B1-L that has even richer mids, IMHO. It's also a very dynamic horn that responds quickly and easily to my commands. I'm convinced that the TT's unique bracing system allows the horn to resonate much more freely than is typical.

    The TT's large .464" bore demands a little tighter mouthpiece than the average horn, so I use the GR66S for the commercial gigs and the GR66MS for everything else.

    The Yamaha 731 has great intonation and gives a "classic" flugel sound that is round and warm without being too far on the dark end of the spectrum. I use the GR66FL because it has the same rim as my trumpet pieces. In a four-set gig I'll play only two or three flugel pieces, so I need to pick it up and play securely with no "issues."

    I'm curious to try a Selmer-Paris Concept Flugel. Apparently Brook Mays had two or three at ITG and sold them all in a couple of days. I didn't try one, but apparently it's kind of a special horn. That's on my long term "to-do" list since I just purchased the TT trumpet.

  3. ingeo

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    Dec 16, 2003
    London, Ontario
    Well my playing background stems from the Salvation Army so most of my playing is Brass Band Arrangements. But I also upon occasion play in a small ensemble of Bass Guitar, Piano and a small horn section.

    The horns I play are:

    (Currently) Boosey and Hawkes Sovereign Bb (Large Bore)
    (Previously) Besson Sovereign (Large Bore)

    Yamaha Custom C (It has 2 bells, one is brighter sounding than the other)
    Yamaha Custom D/Eb

    Yamaha Flugel
    And occasionally I get to play a Kanstal Custom Class (I really like this horn)

    Cornet: Sparx 3 (http://www.sparxmusic.com/)
    Trumpet: Bach 3c while I wait for my GR/Sparx custom trumpet mouthpeice to be made.)
    Flugel: Bach 3b / Bach 1b

    Any cornet players out there should check out the sparx mouthpeice line I am really happy with my Sparx 3.
  4. connman

    connman New Friend

    Nov 10, 2003
    York, PA
    My style of playing varies a lot. My main focus of playing is church, but this isn't just playing hymns. My playing consists of more modern Praise and Worship songs in an orchestral setting each week. I also play in a group that is more "Rock" flavored ( www.measureofgrace.com ). I also do special stuff at our church such as our current Christmas Show opener that consists of swing band music (Jerico Horns- Brentwood-Benson). And finally, I occasionally get a chance to play some big band stuff.
    So, my playing style is diverse!

    My arsenal include:

    Bb Trumpet:
    Conn Connstellation 38B (25 years old)

    Kanstul Custom Class CCF 925 (copper bell and silver plated)

    Pocket Trumpet:
    Jupiter 416BL

    Trumpet - Kanstul two-piece 3C/72S Backbore
    Flugelhorn - Kanstul two-piece 3C/119S Backbore

    My dream horn would be a Kanstul "WB-1600" (gold plating optional).
  5. dcstep

    dcstep Mezzo Piano User

    Nov 27, 2003
    Nice looking band, Connman. When will you add some soundclips?

  6. connman

    connman New Friend

    Nov 10, 2003
    York, PA
    Thanks Dave! We're just getting started with our website and don't really have too much. I'll pass your idea on to the guy who handles that. A sound clip or two would be nice.

    Funnie about you looking at my website. I was looking at yours last night. Sure looks like you guys have your act togther, musically and website.

    Have you ever seen or heard of Fletch Wiley? I think he's from down your way?
  7. kdawg

    kdawg New Friend

    Nov 19, 2003
    I use:
    Bb -
    Getzen 3050s
    '63 Connstellation
    70's Olds Ambassador

    Cornet -
    early 70's Olds Ambassador

    C -
    Getzen Eterna 910s

    Mouthpieces -
    Holbert Custom
    GR 64.7 MS
  8. camelbrass

    camelbrass Mezzo Forte User

    Nov 5, 2003
    Dubai, UAE

    I play in a community band as well as a 16 piece big band. I mainly play in the section but ocassionally get the first chair in both the wind band and the big band.

    The Taylor is my 90% horn. The sound has that WOW factor and in most situations it's perfect. Big,fat in tune sound that fills the room and absolutely fantastic valves. It's a much better all round horn than people think. Playing lead in the big band requires a slightly different approach..more the sort of sound that sits on top of a section rather than 'in your face'.

    The Kanstul Chicago is so totally different from the Taylor..from a sonic perspective. It's bright,tight and focused and, consequently, compliments the Taylor very nicely. I tend to take it out of the case ocassionally at home or on a gig when the sound has to be bright...like the odd punchy lead part (eg American Patrol).

    The Kanstul Flugel is my mistress. The sound is like drinking hot chocolate in front of a fire (imagination required). I find that the intonation is fantastic. Its the horn I am always trying to find an excuse to use...it's been great in all the Xmas concerts. It's made for carols and things like 'Silver Bells' where the sound just floats.

    As for mouthpieces I've settled on GR and they're all consistent. The Taylor is a custom copy of my main piece which is a GR 3HC* and the Flugel is a 3FL. I've been very happy with all of them.

    I must admit that I also love playing anything I can get my hands on but so far I'm pretty happy with this set up.


  9. TheGlue

    TheGlue New Friend

    Nov 12, 2003

    I currently play on a 1952, satin gold plated Martin Committee Deluxe with a Monette B4S MP. This is a great trumpet with a really smooth sound. I use this for most of my playing, but I also have a silver plated Puje with a Curry TF mouthpiece for situations where I want to have a smoother, darker sound. For gigs that call for a cornet, I play on a 1931 Martin Handcraft cornet with a sparx mouthpiece. The trumpet I keep in my car for those spontaneous playing opportunities is a Kanstul pocket trumpet with a Kanstul MB4S MP. This is actually a free blowing trumpet with a very good sound with decent intonation. A lot of the Christmas music I've been playing lately is on the Jupiter flugelhorn with the rose brass bell. This is a nice sounding flugelhorn with good intonation. Also it was quite inexpensive.

  10. W Scott

    W Scott Piano User

    Dec 8, 2003
    Carson City, NV.
    I play community bands and church solos or duets with my daughter. Believe it or not, my baby is a Conn Director cornet that dates to 1965. It was inexpensive, fast valves, easy to play with good sound. I use a Schilke 15A4A mouthpiece, occasionally using a Dennis Wick 2c for lower range work.

    I have a restored Conn 38b coming in a couple of months. Then, the Conn Director goes in for a restoration. I'm really curious as to what a gold plated Conn sounds like? Larry, did you steal the weighted valve caps off of a Conn V1? (He-He-He!)


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