What happened to my embochure?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Persian, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Let me also say RELAX.... Nothing helps my playing more than a relaxed approach. The more you are concerned about missing a note, the higher the likelihood that you will. PLAY every chance that you get for the love of playing. It could be a song that you hear in your head, band stuff, church stuff, whatever. If Arban seems too much like work, play SOMETHING else. The more you play the more relaxed you will become.
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    if frustration comes this easy, switch to saxophone...........

    IF you really had a decent embouchure, it won't "disappear" overnight. Sometimes however, we do "poison" ourselves with alcohol, salt, fat, sugar, lack of sleep, attitude, but that all goes away after a couple of days.

    As far as "accomplished" players being no-lifes, I think that this is the first part of your problem. Human beings dedicated to something are not no-lifes. They are examples of a higher human state. Your first problem is probably just that you went from SOMEBODY to NOBODY just because at your old school they were lazier than you were. Now you are frustrated because others have a considerable head start.

    As long as you insist on placing YOUR values on those students, YOU have a much more serious issue than chops. I would suggest a review of your attitude and if you can't cut the cake, quit. Be forewarned, quitting is usually the start of more quitting however. We generally improve when we are willing to fight for something that we believe in.

    You just need to go out now and do the right thing.........

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