What inspires you?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by TrumpetMonk, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. B-Flat Cat

    B-Flat Cat Pianissimo User

    Sep 9, 2010
    I love the sound of a well played trumpet and I want to make that sound. That is why I practice. My favorite rush is hearing the dark, sweet tone coming back at me when I get it right.
  2. Gliss Girl

    Gliss Girl Pianissimo User

    Aug 31, 2009
    Portland, MI
    I never thought when I joined a community band in my rural area that I'd play with someone of the caliber of a Maynard Ferguson alumni (mid-'80s). But the band is in his home town, and his old high school band director holds the baton. At the time I joined, I was only six months into not overly serious trumpet playing on a student horn, and that after six months of not overly serious comeback on French Horn. Before that, I hadn't touched an instrument since I had put my marching french horn away in 1982. So, I was suffering from resistance, fingering and embouchure issues from the switch from F. Horn, and I did not sound overly impressive. I thought to myself that this former world-class pro would dismiss me immediately. I was entirely wrong. He explained to me that at this stage in his career he was more interested in just having fun and sharing what he knows with people who are motivated to learn. He had decided in 8th grade that he wanted to play with Maynard Ferguson, and his every waking moment was devoted to that dream from then on, until he achieved his goal. Besides Ferguson, he also played with Mangione, Buddy Rich and Herman, as well as a few nationally-known vocalists. I have just started taking lessons from him after receiving more than a year of free advice. I think what I learn the most from him is not the technical stuff, which is basically elements that can be found just as well from forums and literature, although he customizes what he recommends to me and my goals. What he can give that other's can't is the kind of motivation that comes from somebody who knows and has lived an example, that dreams can be realized through hard work, dilligence, and refusal to waver. In addition, he has told some really cool "insider" stories, and has shared lots of great lead charts and recordings with me. So, with this kind of motivation, I find it almost impossible to not to be inspired. I think, had I not met this pro, I would have remained the same as before. practicing some, but never taking lessons, seeking out forums, or gathering the information I needed to become a true trumpet geek. (or I guess I'm really a geek-ette. The word "geek" is really just so un-feminine.)

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