What is BB Trumpet and TB?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Hitman0042, Aug 9, 2008.

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    Yo Hitman,

    I'm happy to see you using this forum (and I hope others) to ask questions about the trumpet.

    Yep, if you have a "standard" B flat trumpet, when you play the tuning note of C, as it's written on the page, the sound actually coming out of the horn is a B flat. In other words, if you tried to play music with a piano and you were playing the same notes as written, it would sound awful because you would be one whole tone off from the piano. When a piano plays a C, it's a C. When you play a written C, the sound coming out is a B flat. This all has to do with the history of the trumpet and, honestly, I find it a little confusing.

    Now, you can make a trumpet that plays in the key of C. If you make the trumpet a little shorter in length, then when you play a C written on the page, the sound coming out of the horn will also be a C. I don't have experience with C trumpets, but most people say their sounds is "brighter" than the standard B flat trumpet and doesn't mesh well with marching/concert bands.

    IMHO, trumpet music should be written in the correct pitch, and trumpet players should learn the horn in it's concert pitch. That is, when you play the tuning note, it is recognized as a B flat and that's the way the music would be written.

    I learned the trombone that way and didn't have any problems. But, tradition is tradition.

    Good luck with the trumpet. As a comeback player, I (to a degree) feel your pain.

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    ok lol thanks i guess in simpliar forum

    Bb Trumpet = C on Trumpet and B Flat on Piano
    C Trumpet - C on Trumpet and C on Piano

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    Exactly :thumbsup:

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