What is more rewarding to play classical or jazz?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by beginner, Jun 27, 2013.

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    now if I said "Classical Marching music in a parade" -- would that be out of context for this thread????? ---- I love being in the parades!!!!
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    Wow you obviously have had very limited exposure to the repertoire. In fact some of the hardest pieces of music I have ever had to read and perfect are jazz pieces. In fact I play with a big band on occasion that is very adventurous both melodically and harmonically in the written chart itself. Some of the tunes develop over 15 minutes time and most of that is not just improvisation sections. Even the 2nd ,3rd or 4rd trumpet part could beat the pants off most solo concertos in technique mastery. Any how you seem to be referring to jazz improvisation but even then try transcribing and playing some Freddy Hubbard or Woody Shaw solos and then holler back at me about what you have or haven't achieved musically. My hunch is you will change your tune pretty drastically.

    As for what to play my answer is yes. Play it, both and get great at both. Why limit yourself? In the end you will settle into the understanding that music is music, all forms of it are legitimate.

    For those who are interested here is the Big Band I was speaking of doing a Christmas concert of all things. Check out the carol that starts just after the 12:25 minute mark.
    http://youtu.be/BeiT7oBrbGM I play few solos but there is a flugel solo on my one of a kind Harrelson Flugel around 1:04

    here is a later version of the same group

    I am playing two different trumpets in these videos, the raw brass tpt is the Harrelson Bravura and the Silver one is the Taylor Chicago 46VR. I traded both away last August for my new Harrelson Summit that Jason is about to finish.(fingers crossed)
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    I thought TM is supposed to be a "G" rated forum, not "R" rated. If you can't express yourself without resorting to blatant profanity, your mind is limited and immature.
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    To answer the original question, IMO Jazz is what you graduate to when Classical no longer holds appeal after being played over and over again. Jazz requires the precision and virtuosity of Classical music, plus the ability to instantly compose and play and make it sound musical. To me it's a much bigger challenge than playing a prescribed chart to a particular specification; it's creating music on the spot. What could be more rewarding?
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    This thread is beginning to sound like 2 little boys saying "my dog's bigger than your dog". I think some of us are forgetting what "IMO" means. J. Jericho seems to get this, we should all be using this little phrase.

    IMHO, I think maybe we all have missed the point or perhaps we are looking at from the wrong perspective. I think we should be looking at the reward factor not so much from whether we think we did a good job or how we feel but from the standpoint of the audience. I am sure we have all listened to different performances of the same piece, be it classical or jazz, and enjoyed one over another. Why? It could be a dozen reasons, the skill of the performers, the mood of the performers, the room dynamics, our mood, etc,etc.

    I have heard others here on TM say it better than me but much of music is the heart & soul we put into the horn that successfully reaches the listener. The most rewarding to me anything I ever did was when someone came to me afterward and told me I made them cry. I am sure that most here on TM are probably more technically adept than I am, but obviously I did something right. Wish I do it all the time.

    I think the reward should come from the audience reaction, sometimes that audience is just ourselves but most of the time it is someone else.
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    Right On!!! One of the most recent rewarding experiences was an evening my quintet was playing at a cozy club in Pittsburgh. There was a couple I was watching through the night, that from my observations, was involved in conversation over diner. But there was a moment, during a rather emotional stirring song while I was playing the theme line, where the man moved up close, embraced this woman for the first time that evening, and a most amazing, passionate kiss was shared by both. What made this an even more musical moment for me, was it was a song that I had written and arranged. That was all the validation I sought in my performance that evening.
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    Jan 10, 2009
    If your idea of rewarding is sitting through a few hundred bars of a score waiting for your reward of eight measures for the brass section then by all means go with classical.

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    Almost enough time to personally connect with a viola player! But then, why would I?
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    If we discount our personal fun factor and judge our reward based on audience reaction, then I would have to say Oompah music. One day a call came in to my college's marching band office and the lady on the other end was frantic--the group scheduled to perform in a couple of hours had cancelled and they needed something, anything to provide entertainment. We had five guys sitting around, and just the right instrumentation for a quintet. The marching band director handed me the phone. I asked if the other guys were game (they were) so I said yes. We grabbed some 40 year-old greatcoats, the director handed us the Hungry Five books. We hopped in someone's car and drove to a neighboring state, where we sight-read Oomph music for the state's Special Olympics. I dunno how many people there were, but they held hands, formed some big circles and danced around. We received thunderous applause, and played through the book. The reaction we received, the joy freely given made this the most rewarding performance in my life.
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    I'll answer the OP's question with the same reply I give when asked if I like vanilla or chocolate ice cream--yes....

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