What is the best brand of trumpets?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Hitman0042, Sep 26, 2008.

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    How many Bach's have you played? How many Yamaha's have you played? Before deciding what you want to play by reading things on the internet go to as many music stores you can and play as many horns as you can. There is no best brand of trumpets, it's about finding what gets the job done for you. You'll never know until you play them. Here's a website with a brief little rundown of major trumpet brands. Professional Trumpets Best of luck with everything you do.
  2. Hitman0042

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    Aug 9, 2008
    well your right i havnt played any trumpet besides my own. But from what i have read Bach are good trumpets.
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    You're right. They are very good trumpets. However, they're not the only very good trumpets. As I've mentioned before, when I was in high school I blind tested some top brand horns, including a Bach. There's no question that Bach was a great horn, but it did not seem to speak in my "trumpet voice." The Benge just had a richer tone in my hands, and just felt better to play, so that's what I picked. That's no knock on Bach. It's possible to appreciate the qualities of a particular horn, but still not want one as a daily player. You won't go wrong getting a Bach, but I think what everyone is trying to say is that you may be missing out by jumping straight to Bach without even trying anything else. I asked this same question myself when I was young. The tubing all looks the same, so what's the difference. What I didn't realise then, but do now, is that you need to rise to a certain playing level before you can even appreciate the differences between horns. In the meantime, no matter how good the horn, the only way to make any of 'em sound good is to practice :play:
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    Aug 9, 2008
    yer yer i understand. There are always better in the world
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    There is a fair bit of info. about the inconsistencies in Bachs. I have played a few and some have been great and some OK
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    There is no best brand and your question is easily asked but involved no thinking before asking it.

    Just like with cars, perfume, wine, girls and boyfriends, what country to live in, the options to match the person looking are so great that we honestly can't provide help - only offering our own "prejudices".

    YOU need to play everything that you can get your hands on. YOU need to practice to get good enough to even tell the difference. Then you are in a position to TELL us what was best for you.

    Go pay your dues!
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    Originally Posted by Hitman0042 [​IMG]
    well the next trumpet i get i want it to be a Bach

    If you already know that you want a Bach -- why ask the question in the first place as to which is best?? :dontknow:
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    The best brands for me personally (at the moment), from left to right is:

    Boosey & Hawkes "Class A" trumpet, (probably from 1912)
    Why? It's a great conversation starter! (Plays like a dog with pneumonia)

    Couesnon Monopole flugel (1938) (mpc DW 4BFL):
    Why? She's the mother of all modern flugelhorn, an icon and a great player!

    Yamaha YCR 731 long cornet (1974) (mpc DW 4B heavy top)
    Why? This was my first new cornet and has followed me since. Still a good player!

    Yamaha 8310ZS (2008) (Bobby Shew) (mpc Yamaha 16C4 GP)
    Why? A versatile trumpet I do use both for Rock&Soul and church!

    Conn Vintage1 Flugel (2006) (mpc DW 4BFL)
    Why? Tried all kinds of flugels before I found this special one for my playing in my British style Brass Band!

    Joseph Lidl rotary hunting horn (2000) (mpc DW 4B)
    Why? Why not! Funny little horn i found in Prague.
    ("The heaven declare the glory of God" by Marcello sounds nice with this horn :-))

    I don't think those horns are the world's best for anybody else than myself....
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    Aug 9, 2008
    wow why do you have so many horns?

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