What makes you fall in love with a horn?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Stradbrother, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. trickg

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    Oct 26, 2003
    That was then - I still love the sound, blow and response. My opinions on Schilkes being fantastic trumpets has not changed, but in the case of my B6, the slotting was killing me. And is it really fair to hold me to a post that I made a full 10 years ago - people do change, both in how they play, and how they perceive their instruments, but aside from that, I still feel that getting away from Bach trumpets was a great move.

    At this point the horn needs some pretty serious refinish work, and I'm contemplating chucking some cash at it and maybe seeing if Doctor Valve can mod it so that it does have better slotting.

    To add another thought onto this, I'm still an unabashed Schilke fanboy, and I've said many times that there's probably a Schilke out there that can take care of just about any player's needs. My instinct was not to buy a Jupiter - what I really thought I wanted was either an S32 or S42 for a bit more of an all-around horn that would still light up in a rock band, but that I could also use for other things.

    However, there were two things that led me to the Jupiter - the first was the deal I got. I got a big discount for buying a very lightly used "demo" horn, so it was only about half of what a Schilke would have run me. The second thing was lacquer - I really didn't want another silver plated trumpet and I certainly couldn't have afforded the premium price of a gold-plated Schilke.

    Maybe one day I'll wind up with a Doctor Valve modded S42, but then, isn't that pretty much what the Jupiter 1600i is?
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    Apr 8, 2014
    Kansas City
    I've been considering the question for the past few days. I've decided it's not an either or situation. There are many horns that sound good. Out of this group I'm seeking one that I play well. I could also reverse this. There are many horns that play great. Out of this group I'm looking for the one I sound good with.

    For where I am right now, playability is most important. Perhaps in the future, when I can make a rusty nail sound like Miles, subtlety of tone will become more important.
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    Aug 7, 2013
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    It's an idea worth a little bit of thought, isn't it?

    Obviously, if two instruments have near identical sound qualities everyone but a fool would go for the most playable. But what if you're looking for a broad range of sounds? I think that this may be where things tend to bite. If instruments with a broad spectrum of usable sounds tend to be more difficult to control, and I see good reasons why this may be the case, then there is definitely a trade off between between sound versatility and playability.
  4. Clarkvinmazz

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    May 11, 2013
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    I might be opening a whole new can of worms, but I think that would be where mouthpieces would come in, at least for me.
  5. nieuwguyski

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    Aug 9, 2004
    Santa Cruz County, CA
    I'll accept a slightly different sound for the sake of playability. I try not to burden myself with absolutes when I choose trumpets. Every horn represents a compromise, and I'm adaptable.

    I've sat next to players who were killing themselves to play equipment (trumpets and/or mouthpieces) that they thought they sounded great on. Usually this meant they sounded good at the beginning of a rehearsal or gig and not very good by the end. I finally delivered this statement to one such player: "Nobody cares how good you sound on the first tune if you sound like crap on the last tune."

    Friday night I played 90 minutes of mostly really hard (for me) big band lead charts at an outdoor concert in downtown Mountain View, CA. F's, F#'s, and one G sprinkled throughout. I prefer the sound I get on the Getzen Genesis, but I played my Jupiter 1600i and survived. Barely.
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    I live in the Horn
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    Wow, you guys are really overthinking this. "Love" just cant be explained. Are you confusing it with infatuation? Best wishes.

    Criticize me if you feel you must, but I wont be back to this thread to read more. Sorry

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