What piece other than the Hummel was written for an E trumpet?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by _TrumpeT_, Aug 15, 2006.

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    In February George Vosburg will perform the Hummel with the Pittsburgh Symphony. As I understand it he will use a custom made Schilke E trumpet. Yes I will be there to hear him.
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    Jun 18, 2006
    Classical pitch was in fact not universal, during the 1800s it even reached a=490. I remember reading an article saying that A=465 for Hummel and Haydn was probable (I don't have the article anymore but I wrote it on my score facsimile).
    Those pieces were based on an experiment with a keyed trumpet (here pictures: http://www.eggerinstruments.ch/ht_d.htm). The only good thing about this horn was the inspiration it gave Haydn, Hummel and Anton Weidinger the trumpet player.
    I am grateful that this cousin to the saxophone died an early death. There is nothing resonant about the sound and it is really tough to play and easy to embarass yourself. We have it much better with REAL valves!

    Manny is (as always)right- the Pietzsch book has 2 solos in E (the E trumpet it was written for is a deep E instrument however and not to be confused with the octave higher Schilke instruments built today). It is played on the deep E trumpet an octave higher than notated so it could be played "normally" on a modern trumpet.

    A bit of nostalgia: when the Bb trumpet was introduced, many orchestral trumpet players did not accept it because of the "thin tone". It was called the trumpet in HIGH Bb.
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    Nobody has mentioned 'Der Wasserman' (the water goblin)by Dvorak. Written in E, with a section in C. No, the transposition is NOT fun.
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    Tchaikovsky`s Romeo and Juliet is an awkward read if you don`t know it, particularly a bit in the middle where
    the harmony becomes quite chromatic and there are accidentals all over the place!

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