What student trumpet?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Wendy 1, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Wendy 1

    Wendy 1 New Friend

    Feb 4, 2009
    Hello, everybody!

    I got a little confused as to where the Intro forum was so thought I'd just introduce myself here.

    I am looking to by a student trumpet as a 24th birthday present.

    Can anybody help me? I like the look of the Bach Prelude TR700.

    I am looking to spend around £100/£150 / $250/$300 (I think)

    Does anyone have any advice? Know of any good trumpet makes and which ones are to be avoided?

    Many thanks,

    Wendy :-)
  2. veery715

    veery715 Utimate User

    Mar 6, 2007
    Ithaca NY
    Student horns of decent quality can be had from Bach, Yamaha, Getzen, Jupiter, E.M. Winston, Amati, and since you are talking pounds there are probably British and European makers you can buy from too. Do not buy cheap horn brands like Selman, Schill, Tristar, Cecillio which are not a good investment nor fun to use and learn on.

    Most entry level student horns from familiar brands are made now in China or Taiwan. They can be perfectly good for a beginner.

    Another option is to buy a used instrument, for many decent horns can be had for the amount of money in your budget. If there is a local music store it pays to go talk to them and see what they have. They won't sell you trash because you can return with complaints. Many used horns are a better buy than new student models, but since you don't play and can't have the recipient try them either, you are more or less at the mercy of the retailer. It is much better in your position to buy locally rather than on the internet, since any horn ordered on-line will arrive untested and you're not in a postion to evaluate if it is OK.

    If the person turning 24 is going to have a teacher (a lesson or several is a very good part of such a gift), then perhaps you can identify who it will be a and consult them about the horn purchase.
    Good luck and what a nice gift!
  3. ManGo

    ManGo Pianissimo User

    Apr 10, 2008
    Yam 1335. I have 2 - one at work and one at home. You should be able to pick one up on a popular auction site for what you want to pay. An excellent, well made horn with reliable valves.
  4. lovevixen555

    lovevixen555 Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    In that price range I would look at what Jupiter has to offer I doubt you would be happy with the Bach Prelude TR700. I betif you looka round you can find a nice gently used Jupiter for a really good price. Even better would be a gently used Getzen or Holton T602...I am partital to the Holton T60s becaue my son plays one well right now I am playing around with it but he is playing another Holton in it's abscence. Because so many Holton's are made each year and so many kids stop band after one to two year's the market is usualy flooded int he USA at least with them and they sell for a low price in great used shape. The T602 has been around for a long time and it plays really really good for a student trumpet. After 3-4 year's if she get's really good and wants to upgrade then it is one her. The Getzen's,Holton's and Jupiters are built very very well and are easy to play and all of them sound good and are built to last. If she takes care of it likemost adults do then when she is done with it she can probably sell it for close to what you paid for it used. The valves on myson's T602 are just like new inspite of it being close to 20 years old and ariveing in a filthy dirty condition.

    From what I have read Jupiter is a hot selling brand inthe UK and you might find they are like Holton T602's in the USA. By that Imean the market is flooded with good used one so the price will be low in spite of like new condition. Music stores and consinment shop's are the way to go. In fact manyplaces sell their used rental's after a few years of use for low prices. Good Luck!
  5. Wendy 1

    Wendy 1 New Friend

    Feb 4, 2009
    Dear Veery715, ManGo and Lovevixen 555

    Thank you SO very much for your swift and EXTREMELY helpful responses!

    I shall go and look at all of your suggestions.

    Many many thanks,

    Wendy :):):)
  6. GoodMusic@PA

    [email protected] Piano User

    Aug 7, 2008
    I have tried the Bach Prelude before and is a good horn. Paying $300 for that horn is way better than paying about $600 for the Holton T602(both new prices), I have tried 2 of those before and the valves were bad, the sound was bad.(IMHO) Starting on the Prelude is a great idea, price is ideal and the overall performance of the horn is good too.
    And it's a Bach:-)
  7. lovevixen555

    lovevixen555 Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    No way does a Holton T602 sounds bad unless you got lemons both times... Any company can have bad valves sneak through from time to time but the Holton T602 is an Icon of student trumpets.In fact if I had nickle for every time a Bach has had valve issues fromthe factory from the low level Bach's to the over priced for what you get Strad's I could eat for a week and pay for everything in nickles! Look at the reviews your is the first negative review I have ever run across of one. The Bach Prelude is junk in my opinion many people where disapointed with the TR300 and the Prelude is even worse! A Jupiter 600,606,660 will spank a Bach Prelude big time in build quality fit and finish, materials, sound quality etc.......Thr TR200 would be good but that is way to pricey and used Bach's usualy are just as badly over priced as the New one's. A T602 is a student horn if it is easy to blow, plays in tune and slots good then it is a good student orn. It helps if they are durable. I have played a Holton T602 with Nickle silver valves and with Monel and they always felt fine. You do not get anything decent from Bach until you hit their Intermediate level or higher in my opinion. They have had way too many valve problems and funky intonation as well from batch to batch. What do they have a 1 year warranty? I do understand that all companies get some lemons that slip past quality control but some more then other's!!!

    Oh you know what!! I have no idea what they sound like becaue I have only playe dvintage 1950's and older's or their ML-1 line of pro horns but Blessing used to have a lot of deals on their student Scholastic Models the 125,126, and 127....I know I have played one before but it was so long ago I cannot rember what I thought. I just know that you see a lot of them at garage sales and school bazar's and such. The older Standard Blessing and the Artist and Super Artists series sound great. I know they still make and sell a ton of trumpets tot he rental chains though. Tell you what I am going to take a look at Ebay UK and see what I see.
  8. lovevixen555

    lovevixen555 Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Ok I just got off EBay.UK.COM and From what you said you are looking for I would stick with Yamaha,Jupiter. I saw plenty of Yamaha's in lacquer or silver that while older models where in like new shape for 100.00 pounds of less sorry I do not know what key combination to hit to give me the proper Pound Sterling symbol. For the Jupiter Trumpets again I saw newer and well cared for older models for 55.00 pounds or less. Their was two Yamaha YTR1335's one in silver and one in Lacquer that stood out and where very well priced. YAMAHA TRUMPET YTR 1335 Bb - EXCELLENT CONDITION on eBay, also, Trumpet, Brass, Musical Instruments (end time 08-Feb-09 18:00:00 GMT) stood out to me. I only looked throught he first 10 pages of trumpets so I am sure I missed something good in their.

    Now since youa re inthe UK I have to ask if you have considered Cornet since it is super popular int he UK. Cornet's are usualy in better shape because they see less use since many people start out on a Cornet but transition to a trumpet when they get older. I covered the first 3 pages of Cornet's and their was a really nice Blessing that looks like it is brand new. They claim it was used twice and the kid changed their mind about band lessons. So you might want to check that Blessing Cornet out too. Their where some well priced Yamaha Cornets on their as well. I hope that helps a bit.
  9. guitarsrmine

    guitarsrmine Piano User

    Dec 29, 2008
    Franklin, Pa
    When I bought my new Jupiter 600 a couple months back, I had it narrowed down to it and the Bach Prelude. There was just something about the Jupiter that drew me toward it-it felt better in my hand, sounded every bit as good as the Bach, and I'm a supporter of the "little guys",if that applies here. And I've been 100% satisfied with my Jupiter. Hope this helps.:play:
  10. tony h

    tony h Pianissimo User

    Feb 21, 2008
    Welcome Wendy 1 , I've bought a couple of chinese made trumpets one of them is very nice to play, good tone, solid instrument as good as the bach prelude or jupiter if not better, on the other hand the other two aren't half as good , so in that respect it seems to be down to luck . Your probably better going for brand name , I was just lucky .

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