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    Aug 11, 2005
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    For all of you Mahler freaks (Ed's Mahlerian thread made me remember this), there is a DVD entitled "What the Universe Tells Me - Unraveling the Mysteries of Mahler's Third Symphony". It is a one hour documentary film creatively done, followed by a performance of the work.

    Product description:

    WHAT THE UNIVERSE TELLS ME:UNRAVELING THE MYSTERIES OF MAHLER'S THIRD SYMPHONY is a documentary that explores how philosophy, mythology and music combine in Mahler's Third Symphony to create an all-encompassing panoramic experience. From the volcanoes of the South Pacific to the Alpine peaks and meadows where Mahler composed, in WHAT THE UNIVERSE TELLS ME dramatic images from the natural world give shape to the Symphony's evolutionary saga. Performances combine with illustrative artwork, computer animation, historical film clips and the insights of world-renowned historians, philosophers and biographers. Thinkers such as Howard Gardner, Stan Brakhage and Catherine Keller join Mahler experts Henry Louis de La Grange, Donald Mitchell, Peter Franklin and Morten Solvik to introduce this masterpiece to new audiences and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its premiere.

    While this may not hold anything new for us orchestra geeks, it is nice to share with those less exposed to Mahler. Dare I say, it makes Mahler more approachable for the unseasoned ear. I just thought I would throw this out there for any of you looking for musical gifts this season.

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