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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NYCO10, May 1, 2010.

  1. NYCO10

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    Feb 20, 2010
    United Kingdom
    Hi guys, a bit about me first, I'm a 15 year old trumpet player (obviously) who has been playing 6 years, taking my grade 8 next month and have recently seen a drastic improvements in my playing, particularly stamina. So as i have made these 'break through's' i'm finding it more and more difficult to put the horn down and walk away (almost like an addiction), and like any addiction i know its not going to do me any good in the long run! my daily maintainance routine consists of a 15min warm up, 5 min break, 10 mins long tones, 5min break, 5 min lip flexibilities, 5 min break, 10 min tounging, 5 min break then 15+ music. do you think this is too much?? if so what do you think would be a sensible amount of time to practice each day (perhaps even suggesting a better routine!)??

    p.s. as an idea of progression my stamina 2 months ago lasted aroung 25-30 mins, now i can play 5/6 hours a day, also my range was stuck at a inconsitant C above the staff now I can play at a high G and squeek the Bb above that. (that was today!)

    Thanks in advance

    Peace NYCO10
  2. rettepnoj

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    Feb 22, 2009
    20 minutes practice, 20 minutes break :-) But your routine looks very good
  3. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I recommend running with it. Don't try and intellectualize the process. As you get older life can start getting in your way, Boyfriend/girlfriend/job (or no job)/final exams/auditions. You need to grasp every opportunity when it presents itself. The more time you get in young, the easier it is later.

    Your list was 50 minutes stuff and 15 minutes music. You didn't say how much time you really get in in a day. Make sure at least half of it is tunes - if you are into jazz, it can also be improvised tunes!
  4. NYCO10

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    Feb 20, 2010
    United Kingdom
    for example last saturday was a long session, i had concert band in the morning 9-12 and then in the afternoon i continued to do 5 30min sessions! (with about 10-20 mins break), so thats 5hours 30 mins. which i personally feel is too early at my developing stage, my playing atm is the best its ever been and i dont want anything ruining it especially over practicing! (which i have experienced with rugby+weight sessions:thumbdown:).
  5. Phil986

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    Nov 16, 2009
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    Dude, I am no teacher and was not fortunate to start learning at age 9 but I eventually fell into it because I just could not live without at least trying to make some music. And music is what it's all about. Play more music and less trumpet. If there is anything to change in your routine, that would be to put more music in it. Just my opinion as a humble amateur.

    As for the 5hrs + Saturdays, think about it: did you have a hard time going through it? Did you feel exhausted at the end? Did you reach a point where your sound quality and range were decreased? Did you have difficulty with your normal routine the following day? If answer is no to all, I wouldn't worry and just go for it. Maybe not every day though...
  6. Al Innella

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    Aug 9, 2007
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    Don't worry about how long you're playing each day, as long as you stop before you reach the point of exhaustion resulting in using too much pressure . When I was in high school back in the dark ages ['64-'68'] I used to practice 90 minutes everyday M-F, and 3hours Sat. & Sun. in two 90 minute sessions , that's not counting school rehearsals and outside bands.Remember nobody practiced more Mendez , and look how he turned out.

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